Salty waters drip
Like the pours from a leaking keg
And adorn the soil
Like adun*, the sweetness of bitterleaf

I will go back to where we begun our love
Under the tree that lies on the mountain
Yes, the mountain inside the river Ala*, Division

Because you broke my heart,
The elements at War
Say Love is not Lust

From that point, I will trail my leaking pot
And with each drop of water that from it pour
I reduce your self esteem

I can pick the pieces of a broken heart
But the ruins of a shattered heart, I can not bear

Ayanfe, I pray,
Before this sun sets,
Let this love die.

Nelson Vincent Ayomitunde
Inspiration: An appeal to a broken relationship.

1. Adun- the sweet taste of bitterleaf
2. Ala- Division
3. Ayanfe- Beloved

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