A note from HIM

One Year, Many Strides

The average individual would never choose to celebrate a one year courtship. Weird as it maybe, we have considered a celebration for ourselves as something worth it.

As I write, I recall scene and scene, the events that led to our relationship and how in one year we have grown in great love, and collective strength to stand up for each other at all times. It has been tough and rough and beautiful too, and I think I can affirm that there's nothing any better than true love. So, for true love, it's worth celebrating.
Nelson and Adeola

In one year too, we have been conscious to put God first, before anything else. We still have forever to go and we sure wouldn't want anything messy to come along the line. We have cried together and prayed together, at the same time conscious of our sexual purity vows. If we'd mention this as the greatest reason for celebrating one year, it's worth it too.

I, for one, have not been so brilliant in managing personalities. Another reason why this would be worthy is because we have contributed in each other's growth largely. We're not yet married, but then we have grown so much into one another's businesses and daily work. This fusion is not the usual, despite our many differences too. I think we have managed our personalities and accommodated flaws enough to celebrate.

I have a longer list. Maybe I'd write them next time. But just before I go, I'd love to ask you who thinks this celebration is not worth it to search for any relationship elsewhere and check if they have survived one year with all of the aforementioned. Ask if they stayed with God, with managing differences in personalities, and growing true love without sexual affiliations. If you find one, you've gotten another rare relationship.

This is cheers to the future. We go stronger together!

A note from HER
So, this time last year, I was in so much dilemma of what really God was taking me through. I couldn't phantom.

I remember that I had so much headache on this thing. The devil came with his big head even after so much words God had given, but I remained still and I'm glad I did.

I remember he told me lies like 'Oh well, relationships are not meant for you', 'A relationship is like a cage- don't go near it', 'This one would crumble like the others that you've been in' (This is the greatest of the liesπŸ˜‚).
Trust me, I became so stubborn about following God through the 'burning furnace' that became seemingly cold and sweet.

We're celebrating because of how thankful we are to God. He's led us and we've followed.

This relationship has taught us more than enough, but we're not satisfied and so we're going meekly with God to keep learning till the end.

Its very unusual to celebrate years of courtship even amongst Christian relationships but we're celebrating because this day started a covenant with us and God and also because we honored God by obeying him.
We first felt it was too early. I mean, I was in part two and he in part 3 and it was looking like God was in a hurryπŸ˜‚ until God opened our eyes to certain things He wanted us to go through and understand too. I'm pretty glad we went through this phase.

We're doing this because we want you to know that you can have a sweet and Godly relationship in this age. Its very possible.

Nelson Ayomitunde Vincent, your coming into my life set me on track for a whole lot. I began to see God differently and you challenged me to grow in my relationship with God and in understanding mysteries of the Spirit. You also beyond reasonable doubt convinced me that spiritual guys are not boring guys, you're so fun man!😫. My rough play partner, we can just scatter your house if you leave us aloneπŸ˜‚. How you never run out of ideas on whatever baffles me. If there's anything I pray for, it is that I choose you over and over again in more life to come (if there's any sha). Lol. You're blessed!