See her walk with poise
Ssh! Don't make a noise
Watch her awesome carriage
Little wonder Esau considered pottage

I see thunder nod his head
Making Sounds enough to wake the dead

No karat gold refined by fire
Nor the "handsomeness" of Sigidi can hire
Her testimony, a beauty
Which God couldn't create in levity

If I were a trained hunter
I would bring you Venison
But I'm a man on Rights Altar
Else I would not be called a Nelson

Blessed are they who call thee Adeola
Incomparable to a hundred bottles of Coca-Cola
This band sings her beauty beyond Yola
In Camry, Bently and Toyota

Arewa! Adeola!
You have Pulchritude
But I love you for Character

Character is Beauty...

© Nelson Vincent