Sex in Jesus' Name, Pastor Harrison Ayintete.

Author: Pastor Harrison Ayintete- Lead Pastor, The Refinery Church
Book Pages:
Year Published: 25th January, 2018

SEX IN JESUS' NAME discuses issues of sex relating far as homosexuality, and battling addictions. It clarifies on soul ties, spiritual husbands and wives and the all round equipping of believers in the depths of Biblical knowledge and standards of sex.

In its 5 part book tagline, it bears THE FALLACY, THE SIN, THE RESPONSIBILITY, THE HEALING and THE ADDICTION with definite and precise answers on sexual intercourse and spirituality.

The book further discusses the subject of sex outside marriage, masturbation, pornography, oral sex and other forms of sexual gratification apart from penal penetration, conscience issues, emotionality and guilt.

It also answers these questions amongst many others:

1. What is sexual sin?
2. Does grace really cover being gay or lesbian?
3. What is peculiar with sexual sins and guilt?
4. How do we overcome sexual guilt?
5. Is sex really spiritual? What are blood ties/covenants?
6. What does it mean to be one flesh?
7. How can we outgrow sexual sins?
8. Are there spiritual marriages, husbands, wives and children?
9. How about the death of a spouse causing the death of the other spouse via marital covenant?

You can order the five sub themes- The Fallacy, The Sin, The Responsibility, The Healing and The Addiction.

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