The Two Become One community is a large network of singles, couples and individuals in relationships that is committed to growth and bonding in the perfect will of God. At the Two Become One Community, we

We also have a team of individuals who work with us at Two Become One to produce the awesome results you daily see. Our team cuts across:
1. Content
     The Content team is responsible for

2. Prayer
    The Prayer team understands that every relationship should communicate with God, the divine being who orchestrated the existence of relationships. As such, they organise prayer times, meetings and interceed for the Two Become One community in general.

3. Bible Study
   On our online community, we host Bible Study Sessions as pertains to relationship growth and life in itself.

4. Book Review
5. Organising

You may choose to join a team by clicking on the appropriate links. You mat also choose to join the general community where we hold constant teachings and activities via this link on Whatsapp.