They lived "happily ever after..."

It's about one week after the gracious wedding ceremony of the royal family of England and I send my wishes of a happy married life, late it may be. In my locality, we render many prayers on occasions like this- 

"May they birth males and females and May 'our own' come too"

Tragic for many, the quoted phrase of my opening line remains untrue. Having taken Family Law at some point in my legal studies, I realise that many reasons beyond the surface are attached to separated homes and divorced marriages. Let me not bore you with my legal stories. I would only pray again in "our own way" that the Harrys' do not see such.

The Marriage Vows, "For better for worse..." are also deeper words than we see on the surface. I think I have come to love the authors of Meghan and Harry's marriage vows, (you'd see the screenshot from the order of service below this post) specifically, the English Order of "I will" coming up instead of the "I do" confirms that the English first users must do some teaching for second language users.

Meghan's Make up palava also readily dropped in on social media. I am not a makeup fan but then, I think comparison would be the greatest fault many people will ever make. I later got to see somewhere on instagram that the simplicity and modesty of Meghan's makeup did not reduce cost as it ran well into millions of dollars.

Meghan and Harry, Royal Wedding. | Photograph Source: Internet

To call it the wedding of the century is also something I would call risky. I wouldn't know why. Perhaps, the royal privilege it received makes it truly of the century. But then I'm royal too... (Abi royalty pass royalty?)

Image Source: Internet- Front page, TIME

Wedding Programme Screenshot
Wedding Programme Screenshot II

Well, my own with the marriage is childbirth. Let us see who falls next in the Queen's lineage. In this part of our world, we do a countdown to be sure the wife had not taken in before the wedding but then, who really cares? It's the white man!

Nelson Vincent