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After "Falentine", What next?

Funke Akindele and Valentine
The rhetorics of Funke Akindele popularly called Jenifa in dialect, and the rough but funny choice of words employed has carved an empire in our society for her. As it is, many individuals have caught the infection with the popular "How is you?", amongst others, taking it's toll on them.

It is her intellectual subscription that has resulted in the "Happy Falentine" episode. One that largely supports the boy-girl relationship over other means of showing love to individuals in society.

History covers the 14th of February to be a sacred day to show love and be loved. Cutting across diverse definitions of what love could mean and tapping from various intellectual subscriptions, (running through the pastor, the imam, the couple, the aged, the boyfriend, the atheist, the philosoper and an endless list) love has come to show herself as a varying factor, unified by the actions of persons.

Love Image (Source-Internet)

The much celebrated February 14th has come and gone. One thing is noted that it forever remains a date on the calendar like every other day. How special we address each day depends on the tangible event accrued to that day. We celebrate birthdays, wedding anniversaries, rememberance and memorial dates but what's up with Valentine?

The popular question comes to heart:

"Should we celebrate Love on the 14th alone and hate ourselves the rest of the year?"

I believe there is no specific season for love and none that can couch it. As such, there should be no specific day for it. As the days go bye, we find causes to express love to the old man on the street, the poor beggar with twin children, the slim sick lady, the hale man and even, the mad.

A sweep at the dailies leaves us updated with news of local and international terrorism, killings and hurt to the next human. It covers racism, discrimination and everything that involves the word "Hate"

A reference to George Orwell's "1984" leaves us with the issues of opposition, a reversal of order and so the question lies in "WHY SHOULD LOVE HATE?"

The issue of love should be a uniquitous remedy, healing our wounds, softening our sores. Let every day preach true love in our society.

Beyond the confines of a boy-girl relationship (as our society craves), love lives.

Beyond the cores of pretence and vanity, let love live, everyday.

With Love,
Nelson and Adeola

Have a splendid valentine! Share and Love!

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