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Conviction, Communication and Romance in Godly Relationships

Many times, we are asked how we got the conviction that we were meant for each other, especially because many people today have… Continue »

10 Major Prayers To Pray While Waiting

There are Here is a compilation of ten major prayer points Continue »

Taking Risks in a Relationship: Can you take a bullet for your partner?

Continue »

Dating God

Many people have an idea of the things you should know or must have attained as a man before you go into a relationship, most of … Continue »

The Value of Adam's Bones

18: And the Lord God said, It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him an help meet for him. 19: And out of t… Continue »

How to Know if he's seriously into you

Your previous relationship has a way of projecting your fears into the future. This is why many ladies today begin to doubt any g… Continue »

How Two Become One

When God formed Eve out of Adam’s side and gave a reason for the creation of the marriage union, He also gave a summary of how a … Continue »

Baby mi jowo, je ka Jo maa gbadun

Every Saturday, I wake up to remember the lines in Chief Commander Ebenezer Obey's grand song. It tells a love story with… Continue »

Who Deserves More Respect in a Relationship?

I’d rather ask what Respect is and have you reply that ''Respect is reciprocal'' whereas, the respect you pract… Continue »

Godly things to do in a Relationship

In any kind of relationship -  with family, friendships, co-workers, etc, the " purpose " and activities that foster … Continue »

The Scale: Measuring Life as a Single

The Single's Scale We are also conscious to lead every programme in our community till a full understanding of a godly re… Continue »

The Difference Between Dating and Courtship

The issue of whether we should date or court as Christians is a really critical one and it is rarely talked about in the body … Continue »

How Social Media Affects Your Relationship

Depending on how you place them, Facebook , Whatsapp , Twitter and Instagram amongst many other social media platforms affect… Continue »

How to Lead a more Spiritual Partner

It is very possible for a female partner to be more spiritually mature than her male partner. Especially if the man became a true… Continue »

After "Falentine", What next?

The rhetorics of Funke Akindele popularly called Jenifa in dialect, and the rough but funny choice of words employed has carv… Continue »

Society and Singles

I have a handful of singles around me- the bachelors and the spinsters. Causing a match between brother A and sister B could wor… Continue »

If Everyday were Valentine

Valentine is upon us, tagging along with it the hype and burning flame of its heat one could hardly resist. As you know, it&#… Continue »

When Spirituality Bows to Emotions

After Nelson and I started our relationship, it was a mix of "No sex until marriage" and "we really want to have… Continue »

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