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5 Relationship and Marriage Lessons from Abraham and Sarah

The story of Abraham and Sarah is told through some chapters of the early part of Genesis. It doesn't dwell much on t… Continue »

Self Love: How to Love Yourself in Your Relationship

In today’s society, it can be difficult to develop a healthy concept of self-love but you have to love yourself before anyone els… Continue »

Book Review: Prayer Deposits by Allison Hyacintho

You must be familiar with the: Jesus started with prayer and ended with prayer... Prayer is the Master key. For some partners, t… Continue »

Praying with Your Partner

When Jesus said this in scriptures, He actually meant "any two persons" and not specifically for individuals in a … Continue »

Wrong Relationships and Breakfast Stories

While I really don't like to hear breakfast stories, I commend people with courage to initiate the break up because of someth… Continue »

Conviction, Communication and Romance in Godly Relationships

Many times, we are asked how we got the conviction that we were meant for each other, especially because many people today have… Continue »

How to Discuss Money in Your Relationship

In 1st Timothy 6:10, the Bible says that the love of money is the root of all evil. However, money in itself is a requirement to … Continue »

How to Hold Up in a Long Distance Relationship

Intimacy in any relationship is built through constant communication and a level of distance between both partners, but then in a… Continue »

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