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How to get over the Pressure of Getting Married during Dating

If you go into a relationship and it takes a long while before marriage, it is likely that you begin to feel pressure from different quarters. You be…

How Can You Tell If You're Ready To Get Married?

Dating God

Many people have an idea of the things you should know or must have attained as a man before you go into a relationship, most of which are assumption…

Understanding Conflicts in Your Relationship

Mere bonding does not form the basis for love. It involves a lot more. This is one reason why we can conclude that healthy relationships are not…

Tall, Dark and Handsome: How to Deal with Relationship Specs

It is very possible to have the tall, dark and handsome wish for a perfect partner. Your wish could be a fair, slim or fleshly endowed lady. But what…

How to Deal with Matters Arising in a Relationship

A relationship is the coming together of two imperfect individuals and as such, it is impossible to live without any issues. Having this knowledge is…

How to Apologise When You Are Not Wrong

Who says apologizing makes you weaker in your relationship? Whether you admit it or not, apologizing can never be a sign of weakness in a relationshi…
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