How to Handle Breakup Scares

It is very true that not everything will end up in tears. Sometimes you will excellently come out of that situation unhurt and in cases where you are scathed, you will definitely heal and progress for the best. For us, we have had people say it to our face that they are waiting patiently for the day we would break up in our relationship. When we started out, it looked much more of a scare for us and we didn't know how best to handle it. But the thing is this, you really do not need to pick a fight with anyone nor do you need to prove any point to anyone. You don't need to convince them that your relationship will not fail. You only need to be comfortable with God's word in your relationship because that is what matters in the end. This is one of many reasons why it is advised to know God first hand before going into a relationship. In our article on Dating God, we explained the need to know God first before knowing your partner.
how to handle breakup scares

While it is enough for you to know God, you must also assure yourself that God is with you in your relationship. Assure yourself that God does not fail and that your relationship will be a success. He definitely wants the very best for you and your partner just as He has declared in His word in Jeremiah 29:11

You also need to determine to make the relationship work. There is a position of collective work in every relationship. Just as Paul writes in 1st Corinthians 3:6, there is a need for individual efforts alongside God's grace to hold a relationship together. Your relationship is a product of your efforts to sustain it and should turn deaf ears against any form negativity. When partners put in this determination to make their relationship work, they can fight any breakup scares together.

There is also a need to sew your garment where it's torn. In every relationship, you gradually get to know certain basic things about your partner and can tell whether or not it is sufficient to cause a break up in your relationship. When you find out these loopholes, you can call your partner's attention to it and ensure that they work on these tears in the relationship.

With all of these, we still assure ourselves that God's word stands at all times. His word spoke life to our relationship and only His word can turn off that life. It is also true that a broken relationship is better than a broken marriage, but at the same time it is only a successful relationship that can yield into marriage. Put all hands on deck and shut out every form of negativity and you will not experience a breakup.


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