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Book Review: Prayer Deposits by Allison Hyacintho

You must be familiar with the: Jesus started with prayer and ended with prayer... Prayer is the Master key. For some partners, t… Continue »

Conviction, Communication and Romance in Godly Relationships

Many times, we are asked how we got the conviction that we were meant for each other, especially because many people today have… Continue »

Bible Study: Boaz and Ruth

Today, we would be looking at and sharing our lessons from the story of Boaz and Ruth and we would be studying/ discussing Ruth… Continue »

Date on His Purse or Dutch on Us

Right! Whenever you man up and foot every popping bill, it does this wonder boosting to your ego, you feel manly and when she s… Continue »

How to Handle Breakup Scares

It is very true that not everything will end up in tears. Sometimes you will excellently come out of that situation unhurt and … Continue »

How Deep are Your Wedding Vows?

Beyond the "I do" uttered every Saturday at many wedding ceremonies, a long lasting impression comes. the "I do&… Continue »

When You Like Someone outside your Relationship

As humans, it is very possible that you have random feelings for people that you meet on a daily basis. Your ability to keep y… Continue »

Understanding His Honour and Her Love

Let's take cuff-links to represent the male gender and earrings to represent the female gender. In the same manner, there are… Continue »

Tall, Dark and Handsome: How to Deal with Relationship Specs

It is very possible to have the tall, dark and handsome wish for a perfect partner. Your wish could be a fair, slim or fleshly en… Continue »

How to Secure Happiness in your Relationship

There is this feeling and want to talk to really old couples who are still alive and holding up together, happily. I want to ask … Continue »

Reasons Why Relationships and Marriages Breakup

From a genuine concern for relationships and relationship building, many relationships in recent times (particularly in the cours… Continue »

The Daily Relationship Prayer Guide

Every relationship needs deliberate and consistent prayer. This is because, without it, such relationship can quickly become stal… Continue »

Three Ps You Must Engage in Your Relationship

While it is true that there are many things that can help a relationship grow stronger,  there can only be a better summary for … Continue »

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