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Who Deserves More Respect in a Relationship?

Who deserves more respect in Courtship?
Two Become One
I’d rather ask what Respect is and have you reply that ''Respect is reciprocal'' whereas, the respect you practice is far from reciprocity. Our contemporary conception of respect embraces the affixation of honorific expressions to one another’s name. While this is true pertaining to  an aspect of respect, it will be parochial to assume this is all it's worth.

Respect in its strict sense involves some calculated formalities, while being in love subconsciously eliminates those formalities. So if formalities are out of tingling feeling, does it mean respect is too? Such thought would be erroneous. In response to the question begging for answer here: None of the parties deserve it more and both deserve it all. 


Just like your dazzling wedding apparel, ladies are the centre of attraction and compliments in relationship. Yes! You get the wow! Beautiful in your gorgeous dinner gown before you whisper some flimsy you too. Guys are moved by what they see no doubt, but it takes nothing off you to be the first to tell him how handsome he look in the Tuxedo and how smooth his face is without moustache.

In short, Compliment is a form of respect that doesn’t make him love you less or consider you cheap. Drop some Roses from your basket of compliments. It’s some subtle form of selfishness to be on the receiving end always.
Showering compliments on the way looks, the things he does for you and those he refrains himself from doing because of you is a way of showing respect for his choices which makes you nothing but proud of Him.

There is no such greater insult on a man as when his opinion is hulled back to his face. If you already decide on what to do without his say in your decision (that is when you must have chosen to dare and face the detriments of making tangible decisions to the exclusion of your Spouse), don’t go to Him and cause him to run mouth in vain. Seeking their opinion is one thing, ensuring their contribution reflect on your eventual resolve is another. The YES you said to him makes him a tangible part of you and as such every significant decision you make affects them.
Where going to Lagos on Thursday mean that your date on Thursday is cancelled, it’d be disrespectful and absolute disregard for Him not to let Him know and think it’s just a flimsy date anyways.
Any Investment with your own money with anybody whatsoever must not be engaged in without what he thinks about it.

Where they give you a piece of their mind that you believe to be wrong, it is only polite to explain why it may not go the way they think. It will be dangerous to agree with them on such wrong note and go behind them and do another.
It is vital to note that your seeking their opinion does not in any way say you are incapable of Sound Judgments and decisions. In fact, the first demonstration of your ability to make correct decisions for your life and future is reflected in letting your man what you are up to.
Of course, don’t tell him you are planning a surprise birthday for Him. Don’t be such a ruin mood.

Sometimes it gets annoying, she gets on your nerves and you just want to walk away when he is still steaming hot. The only thing on your mind is to walk out on him so you don’t end up hearing or saying words unpleasant. Well, better DON’T. Don’t even turn the door knob let alone walk away especially when you are short of the manners to execute such walk away. Manners? When am angry? Hell no! Well, Heaven yes! You want a lasting relationship devoid of bruises and scars? Dear, try and learn that there is great agility in keeping your head when your spouse is losing His.
He may scream am not done talking, it is of course not fair on you to sit still and let him tear you to pieces with hurtful words he may not mean. Dear, let your own anger see a bit of light, and go with some lines that carries some ting of politeness. Well, I know you’re not done talking but I am sorry, I need to leave. Such approach smells Respect but simply opening the door and slamming it behind you says; well you can go to Hell.

Well, they say you don’t forget your first love, not until you meet a stronger one. Whenever and wherever your spouse ex shows up, Insecurity and jealousy tells you to be all clingy giving them no breathing space while wisdom tells you to leave them alone and await your guy’s return. If you cannot trust your girl to resist advances and you have to follow her about or plant surveillance camera on her, it seem safe to say one or both of you need more of emotional maturity.
Respect her time with the Ex and if indeed you have found a good spouse worthy and deserving of your trust, she’d return to you because you are her Present and Her future and such build your confidence that your partner forgot his Ex because he found a stronger love in you.
Call it being careful, describe it as protecting what is yours, address it as using your employing common sense but the truth is that nothing but  pure insecurity and jealousy makes you tag along with your spouse at the slightest smell of His Ex. Dear what is yours is yours as long as you treat Her right.

Don’t make the mistake of turning his ME time to an US time. There are times when we all just want to be alone with our thoughts clearing our head by just ourselves alone. Not even the love he feels for you will make him look forward to seeing you jam on His me time. Does that make you an unwelcome guest at those times? Does that mean he is going to get mad if you constantly barge in at these times?. NO. It will however be appreciable for you to withdraw from him at such times knowing your spouse temperament may be melancholy and as such he may need time travel to the land of thoughts once in a while. You may be his Sugarpie but he cannot deny his thoughts moments, that being alone matters to him at those times does not mean he love you less. Call him up much later and you’d know he’s got nothing to hide.

- By Adeyemi Comfort

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