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Relationship Gist (Things couples should talk about in their relationship.)

Before we move forward, it is important to remind us that communication is the foundation of every relationship. For couples to grow and learn more about who their partner is, they have to always communicate and pay rapt attention while doing that. While some couples believe that communication should not be something that couples do daily, some couples believe that it is essential for their relationship to be healthy but the problem is that they seem to run out of ideas on what to talk about when they are with their partner.

At the start of the conversation they go all, how are you?, how was your day?, what did you eat?, are you ok? And that is all, they have run out of things to talk about. But in every relationship, there has to be something called Intentional Conversations.
Intentional conversations are the kind of conversations that couples should engage in. Some call them The Serious Talk
They are discussions pertaining to your future, your aspirations and goals and that of your partner. Remember, the goal of effective communication is to help us know our partner better. You cannot say you know your partner if you are not aware of their life goals and aspirations.

Intentional Conversations in a relationship will help both partners to recognize the aspect(s) that their partner will need them most in their relationship and in achieving some of their goals. 

So, when we talk communication in a relationship, we talk of having conversations about our life's purpose as individuals, the purpose of the relationship, individual growth process, talks about the type of family you would like to have, spirituality in the relationship spirituality as individuals and the likes. 
If you are in a relationship and you haven't talked about those things listed above and more, Wow then you have got a long way to go. But it is not too late to start Intentional Conversations in you relationship. 

Having intentional conversations in a relationship helps the couple to know the stage they are individually and as couples, what to work on, how to help each other grow, it also gives an insight on what your partner thinks about a particular thing. Intentional conversations set the pace for the achievement of certain things in the relationship. Intentional conversations make you confident that you know your partner. Intentional Conversations help you grow your relationship to maturity. 


  1. Intentional conversations. Weldone
    1. Yes Ada...
      That is really needed
  2. Intentional conversations aids the future of every relationship. Thank you
    1. True...
      Without it, the relationship will definitely lack the essentials
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