Book Title: Prayer Deposits
Year of Publication: 2017
Author: Allison Hyacintho
Reviewer: Adegoke Rachael

Yah, the first book is a prayer something and I'm sure we're familiar with the:
Jesus started with prayer and ended with prayer ..

Prayer is the Master key

For some of us, our parents had started praying for our relationships before we knew anything about the subject.  So, most times we ask, do we still need to pray?

In this book, we learn that Parents prayers serve as transfers into the relationship account, ours will be the Real Deposits. The prayer is to be deposited into a Godly Relationship right πŸ€ͺ but we need to Clarify what makes a relationship Godly.

Attending every last Friday vigils, Bible study, anointing and communion service together with your partner doesn't make it Godly neither does introducing your partner to your pastor. Since God is at the centre of your individual lives then he will definitely be the center of your relationship.
God at the centre of your relationship is what makes it Godly.

If God isn't first part of your life as a person, you will end up becoming some boring God chaser  struggling to create an image of God in your relationship. Also, the closer you draw towards God on your own, the more exciting it will be drawing towards God with your partner.

Another point to note is that Prayers can't be boring. So the question again- Why do we need to inculcate prayer into our relationship?

This is necessary because when we know 'why' we pray then 'how' to pray will be easy for us. You may ask why we should pray when we can go an a treat- (imagine boo suggesting tomorrow ( Valentine's Day) to be considered for a  retreat)

According to this book, prayer should be a personal lifestyle 😁

1. To understand and unlock mysteries
2. For growth and deeper fellowship
3. To get Drunk
4. It's communication. You can't claim to love someone you don't talk to. So it's not just a "command" is a fuel for the fire of loveπŸ”₯πŸ‘πŸ»
5. For communion and Fellowship...
6.πŸ‘πŸΌTo seek approval from God 
7. To enhance Communication..
8. To build more connection spiritually
9. To help avoid sexual sin as it instills Gods fear in you
10. To keep the fire of love burning in both hearts
11. To make both subject to God and it helps them to settle quarrel easily
12. To keep both faithful to God and themselves
13. It's to learn what loving the father means as well and take the lessons to The Bae

As such, Our prayer deposit should not be regarded as an herculean task.

Next, We are about to learn how to make the prayer deposits we hope to send to the Author of Romance, romantic. Let's go 🀸🏽‍♂🀸🏽‍♂

1. PRAY AS YOU TALK- We understand that prayer means talking to God, so the tip is TALK TO GOD AS YOU TALK. Any conversation which acknowledges the sweet presence of God is prayer.” The point is not to turn Domino's to revival ground when you pay a visit to celebrate Valentine. The best part about acknowledging God’s presence in your conversations is that it guides your consciousness. I mean, every word proceeding out of your mouth after that prayer will be words seasoned with love, faith, and positivity. You two will become conscious of your words towards that challenge, because of the faith that orders your words. This is so amazing, the way you start speaking about that challenge with power and authority. Decisions become easier to take in faith that everything is now possible because God is now part of it. Your perspectives begin to align, fear disappears, that is the mental level  of acknowledging God takes you.

Here are some prayer patterns that can help you make prayer a part of your everyday conversation : 

Stop in the middle of a conversation with your partner and suggest 
“let us pray about this for a minute baby.”

For instance, when you are in the middle of an important discussion that requires making a decision or maybe you are talking about a challenge that looks like you are going to need God’s help, invite Him into your conversation by simply acknowledging His presence. Say 

“Lord, we know you are here listening, we recognize your presence 
as we ask for your help with this situation. Amen.” ... then go back to what you were discussing. It's that simple, you just prayed a powerful prayer .

If you two are going through a heated argument or a fight, pause in the middle of trying to win the fight and say:
“you know what baby, God will not be happy with us doing this. Let us just pause here and invite Him to calm our hearts and emotions."

Then pray πŸ₯°

Got a test or an exam coming up? 😁
Learn how to pray for your calendar and schedules. You don’t need to have vigils πŸ™…πŸ½before you can speak a word of prayer as your partner is sharing their plans and projects with you. 

Use positive confessions words, those are prayers too. 
Say you are a winner,πŸ‘πŸΌ you are a success, that interview will favor you, that project is already a finished testimony. Speak positive words into each other’s plans as you talk.

Lastly, you don't have to wait for a convenient time to communicate with 
God because He doesn’t need a convenient time to listen. Talk to God and your partner about it

Major lessons from the review.
1.  A Godly Relationship begins with me.
2. Prayers can be as simple as our normal conversations...
3. Pray as you talk*
4. You can talk to God anytime because he doesn't have a schedule!

Let's make the last deposit for tonight.

Daddy we thank you for being our teacher, we ask that you will give us the grace to follow your precepts.
Author of Romance, our relationship will never be void of you. 
In Jesus name we pray. Amen