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12 Questions Every Courting Christian must Ask in their Relationship

12 Questions Every Courting Christian must Ask in their Relationship

As much as you feel like you have a good knowledge of your partner before you started dating, it is important to note that you can never fully know a person in the time you are looking to be in a relationship. 
In this article, we will be discussing 12 questions that every courting Christian must ask in their relationship. Couples need to learn about each other so that the relationship will grow healthy. As a Christian, your values need to align with those of your partner, hence the need to ask important questions. 
At the same time, all the questions in this article are all to be asked with an open mind to know more about your partner. I will advise you not to exhaust all these questions in a single conversation especially if your partner is not aware that you have a list that you are running through. Do not criticize your partner if an answer he or she gives you does not sit well with you. Remember, each question is aimed at you getting to know each other better. 

1. Tell me about your personality

This question is aimed at getting to know your partner’s temperament this is a very important question that a courting Christian should ask so that you will know how to relate with your partner in the relationship and marriage.  

2. Tell me about your three closest friends: 

it is often said that the life, progress, and growth of a person are determined by the first five closest people to them. Asking to know your partner's three closest friends will help you to get to know more about him or her. 


3. Tell me about the best day of your life: 

We all have some days in our lives that we cherish so much. These are days we call the best day(s) of our life. Getting to know the best day of your partners' life will also leave a clue as to what they cherish the most. 

4. Tell me about your prayer life

as a Christian, your relationship with God should be a top priority, this should also be the case for your partner or a person you're thinking of having as your partner. A person who's truly centered their life around God would not for any reason seek to displace God for anything else in their relationship. Now one of you will most likely have a more stable relationship with God than the other but where there's a will there's a way and remember, iron sharpens iron. 

5. What are your most prized values: as a Christian, you want to be sure that your values align with that of your partner to avoid future clashes in your relationship. For instance,  if you hold integrity as one of your core values,  you want to be sure that your partner is also a person of integrity.  

6. Tell me about your parents' relationship while you were growing up: This is another important question every courting Christian needs to ask in their relationship. It is important to have a knowledge of how your partners' parents were in their relationship with each other this is because the way love was shown to and in front of your partner while growing up will determine your partner's perspective on what love means how it should be expressed.  

7. Who is God to you: This is a direct but essential question you should ask in your relationship as a courting Christian. Your partner's knowledge of who God is to him or her will show in the way he or she answers this question and this can also serve as a pointer to how much your level of spirituality will be even in marriage.  

8. How is your relationship with your parents: One of the commandments that were laid down to us by God is to honor our fathers and mothers. The person you are in a relationship with must be on good terms with his parents and family because this will be a determining factor of how well you will be welcomed in his family. It will also determine to a large extent how he or she will relate with your family members.  

9. What is your opinion about sex outside of marriage: no courting Christian should ever skip or overlook these questions as both must be on the same page when it comes to how you perceive sexual matters. One of the things that courting Christians are always reminded of is the need to abstain till marriage. This question when asked will help to avoid future clashes on personal beliefs. 

10. What are your hobbies: This question seems random and simple but you must know the things that your partner loves to do as it brings a better understanding of your partner and things that could help bring more life to your relationship. 

11. Tell me about your past relationships: just like a person's relationship with their parents, past relationships with friends, family, and romantic partners plays a huge role in determining their perspective towards their present and future relationships. Knowing what their past experiences have been would help you understand why they are the way they are to a good extent and could also help you know what to watch out for so they don't reveal past experiences. With this, you also know how you can help them get over certain things from their past too.

12. Why do you want to be in a relationship with me: You might be thinking that the answer to this should be pretty obvious and even if it is not whoever the 'aspiring partner' is would probably come up with some sweet things to say to get you interested in them too but it's always important to know a person's intentions before starting a romantic relationship or at the very least, very early in the relationship. If their answer doesn't sit well with you then you know what answer to give and if in the course of the relationship they begin to act contrary to what they said at the start you know something probably changed or wasn't right at the start can approach the situation wisely.

Are there other questions that came to mind as you were reading this post? Share them with us in the comment section. 

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