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If Everyday were Valentine

If everyday were Valentine | Two Become One
Valentine is upon us, tagging along with it the hype and burning flame of its heat one could hardly resist. As you know, it's one talked about day of the year.

With the incessant flow of adverts for Valentine packages, the ecstasy that comes with the display of affection and preparations made for the advancement of deepening intimacy, one might really need to cease a moment to pause and wonder... "What if everyday were Valentine?" - really why shouldn't everyday be?

Showing love to our partners or loved one(s) should be a daily action triggered towards adding tons of love to our love tank daily rather than an attempt to fill it all up at once! Why should we wait for the world acclaimed season of love when we could season each passing day with love?!

You know why we shouldn't? It would be of little or no effect where we attempt to gather all effort,waiting for a single day to shower our loved ones with gestures of love. Such an attempt would flush them with doubts as to the genuineness of your proclaimed love rather than prove it.

Trust me, inasmuch as we have been all wired with the need to feel loved and accepted, no body wants it fake (we have enough of sycophants around us offering fake love and we try hard to get away from them!) what we all need is love that feels GENUINE and AUTHENTIC.

It's no gainsaying, if we truly love someone, then everyday should be Valentine (did I catch you sniff) No brother/sister. I'm not asking you to drain your account each day just to prove your genuine love for your loved one.

Here's the take home point, plain and simple! Communication of True love is not in the outpouring of lavish gifts nor luxuries but in the seemingly little things that greatly matter. It's in affirming your love, care and acceptance through words, in intently listening, in the gift of quality time, in the intent gaze of admiration, in the hand made gifts specially customized, in acts of kindness, in the moments laughter and pain shared.

In the journey to becoming one let's take it upon us season each day with acts of love than dance to the tune of waiting for a set aside season of love. Be sure to do something to add to the love tank of your loved one tomorrow, the day after tomorrow and just let that cycle continue!

Let your world's burst forth with every shade and colour there is to the expression of true love. We would love to see the reflection here.

Till then!

Yusuf Faith.

1 comment

  1. If only Every individual understands a Lil bit of this . The world will be full of joy. Awesome write-up. *thumbs up*
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