I have a handful of singles around me- the bachelors and the spinsters. Causing a match between brother A and sister B could

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work out well and lead to marriage. But just in case that fails there are certain simple principles that could land them in awesome marriages as their destinations.

A hard one is ACCEPTANCE in society. The truth is our world makes the single feel like a "spare part". If we could include them, motivate them and make them feel at home, they would coast into their spouses. A tougher one comes when such single is above thirty, late thirties especially for females and then you hear a lot of gibberish. Society should proffer acceptance.

The single also needs healing. You could imagine a young man who has been through divorce and has to start all over again or probably because of the death of his spouse, he is back to square one. Regardless of who is guilty or innocent, hearts need to be mended and lives reclaimed rather than take them as worst second-class citizens.

Another strong thing needed is hope. There is a difference between what should be pursued and what should be waited for. I believe singles need encouragement that they might not be driven by loneliness and unmet needs.