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5 Tips to Help You Build a Better Relationship

5 Tips to Help You Build a Better Relationship

Before I get right into what we are to discuss I would like to say that making change happen in your life and your relationship is dependent on a lot of factors but the most important factor is your willingness and hunger for the change you desire. If you are craving a better life and relationship this year, it is not enough for you to listen to relationship coaches, read books on relationships and pray, your willingness and hunger to have this change  should also push you to put into action all the things you learn. Taking action matters a lot. So without further ado let's get right into to this discussion.
 I can tell that you know a good number of single people all around who want to start a relationship so badly but every time they think about it they shrug and push it over because of the fear of being with the wrong person or the fear of messing up.
At the same time I know you have seen and heard a lot of people in relationships that it is as bad as hell, every day seems like war for the couples, they always have something to fight about. The relationship is a good example of what we can call tug of war.
I am also sure that you know some couples who seem to have your heart, they seem to have the complete relationship goals they are doing just fine, and you dream to have a relationship like theirs.
The difference between the first two categories of people and the last category is their ability to see and do things differently. You might even be in one of these categories but for whichever one  you belong to, what makes a difference between you and the people in the other categories is the way you see and do things.
In this community we help to build Godly relationships and not just that, we help you to enjoy the happiness that comes from loving someone even when it seems like it is impossible. This year we want you and as many of us to have great relationships and for this I will be sharing some tips and ways in which you would date differently this year such that you will experience nothing but success, joy and bliss in your relationship.
The first thing you need to pay attention to is your personal habits. Have you ever wondered why you only have some certain kind of people? Your habits speak a lot for you and attract to you the right or wrong person. If you are in the habit of making use of vulgar or foul language I can bet it with you that most of those that will be attracted to you will be people of that nature. The truth is that no one looking to get into a good serious and Godly relationship will want to be with someone with a loose tongue. This is just one in a million habits that can repel the right people away from you and attract the wrong ones to you there by leaving you in a relationship with the wrong person and ruining your peace of mind. Think about those habits and work hard on getting better but do not pretend to be who you are not. Rather focus on being a better person.

Another thing that could cause you to have a bad relationship is your attitude towards relationship itself the truth is that a relationship is like an investment, you make sure to consistently put in the right energy in appropriate proportion and then you can watch it bloom but if you are someone who sees being in a relationship as stress then I can tell you that it will be stressful for you because you seem not to be ready for the commitment it requires. If for you being in a relationship is avenue to be lazy and make money by always demanding from your partner then, I can tell you that any relationship you get into will definitely not go well because you will end up putting so much pressure on your partner that they give up when they cannot take it anymore. And if you think being in a relationship is nothing stressful you just want to get into a relationship and be treated like a baby and pampered all the time, I am glad to tell you that you are only preparing yourself for hurt and heartbreak because nothing good comes easy or without work.
The right attitude to have in order to have a great relationship is to be ready for commitment. It requires you to be ready to give as much as you want to be given and be ready to learn with an open mind. If you have the right attitude towards relationships then you will definitely have a good relationship.
The third thing on this table is your relationship with God. This is the most important of them all. You definitely didn't create yourself, you were created by God and only He has the roadmap and manual to having not just a great relationship but a great life too. If you seem to be making the wrong choices when it comes to choosing who to be in a relationship with in the past years, I would like to tell you to look well into your relationship with God. If you are in a good relationship with God, He gives you a foresight into life and helps you to know who and who not to be with. I strongly  believe that when you are told to pray to God and get a confirmation before getting into a relationship with a particular person, God will not step down from his throne in heaven to tell you that he or she is the one for you but one thing that is very sure is that if you have a strong relationship with God, He will open your eyes, mind and ears to see, hear and take note of things about that person that you would not notice on a normal day and those things will be pointers to let you know if you are to get into a relationship with that person. So, a strong relationship with God is very vital to having a good and blissfull relationship with men.
 Your awareness of purpose. You might want to ask if this really has anything to do with being able to have a good relationship or make a good relationship better. It happens that as much as we have a lot of books and people addressing the issue of living a purposeful life we still have a lot of people who are ignorant of their purpose in life. It is very essential that you are aware of the reason(s) you were created on this earth so that you would know who to go on the journey with. Your knowledge of purpose will help you to recognize the partner that will drag you down or raise you up. For you to have a successful relationship you need to know your purpose so that you will not be running someone else's race.
If you are someone like me who finds talking a thing of ease and you are aware that you are supposed to use your voice to help people in whatever industry or sector you find yourself, you will not feel fulfilled if you get in a relationship with someone who thinks you talk too much or someone who thinks you put yourself out too much and draw unnecessary attention to yourself. You need to go on the journey of life and purpose with someone who sees not just the best in you or what you do but someone who sees the best in the person you have been made to be. So, before you get into that relationship take some time to know yourself, seek to know your purpose on earth because you are not a result of excess clay. You have been created for a particular purpose.

The last point I will be discussing with you on how to make sure that your relationship life becomes healthier and better this year and always, is taking note of the happenings in your past. History happens over and over again and this is one of the reasons why we can say that there is nothing new under the sun. There is a need to always take note of things that have happened in your previous relationships that did not make the relationship work out and avoid those things while choosing to be with someone else. When you are able to recognise these things you would be able to work on them, especially of they are things that your ex or friends have complained about. They might be insecurities or lack of trust or some attitudes that you are not so aware of, you should not close your ears to them; you should instead work on yourself because that might be the reason why you seem to have issues in your relationships. In case there are things that you noticed in your ex then try to take note of them and not just jump into a relationship with any available person.
If for you the people you have been in relationships with are perfectionist they want you to be what you are not without waiting for you to at least adjust well and try to fit into the situation you might want to look at dating someone who takes progress over perfection in that way you'll be able to take your time to grow and adjust into any situation without being choked up.

All in all, self-knowledge is very important, you need to know yourself and be able to tell how you can manage in a good number of situations before you bring a whole human into your space. If you are able to take note of these 5 tips and follow them intentionally, I am sure that you will have a great relationship.


  1. Thank you so much for this. Cheers to a better relationship this year.😊
    1. Cheers 🥂
  2. This is a nice piece dear. I learnt one or two things. Thank you
    1. Thank you so much
  3. I really loved this piece
    1. I am glad you do
  4. Thanks for the tips Bonita.
  5. Dope piece👍
  6. Nice one. May God add to your knowledge. Its educative.
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