When you talk about the things people should know about spirituality and relationships, many people have a different opinions about this topic. For some, they think that a relationship is one of those things that you have direct control over and so they wonder why God should be involved in it? Some think otherwise. What exactly should you know about spirituality as a believer in Christ and relationship?

What You Should Know About Spirituality and Relationship

Looking at things from the time of creation, God has always been a lover of relationships. He noticed that Adam needed a companion that is why He created Eve. After He created thee both of them, He would still come at evening time to talk to them. I can say over and over again that God is the originator of relationship and to be in a Godly relationship, you cannot exclude Him.

Let’s take it from here, who is a Christian without God? John 15: 5 spelt it out loud. We are nothing without God and without him we can do nothing. Now imagine two individuals coming together to be in a relationship and not of them is connected to God. Their relationship will produce nothing good. They might attain goals in life, they might get to the peak of their career as individuals, but there will still be a void in their life that God is supposed to fill up. Time and time again, we have emphasized on this blog that love is a choice but this choice is only made possible when you have God as a part of your relationship.

As long as you are a child of God looking to build a Godly relationship you cannot exclude God from the business of your relationship. We have been made to understand that we are spirit being and when we allow the spirit of God to dwell in us we become complete. It is not a promise that having the spirit of God on you and letting God have His way in your relationship will keep you safe from relationship problems but it will lead you to do what is right and give you and your partner the right understanding to work things out, to get better and become more. Job 32:8.

If you want a great relationship, let God lead while you and your partner listen and follow. You should know better than excluding God from your relationship. If you have any questions, ask on the comment section and I will do well to answer you. See you tomorrow. Remember, love is beautiful so let us nurture the bliss if love together.


This article is a guest post by Oluwadamilotun Bonita Falola. She is a relationship coach and blogger at Lolonyo