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How to Lead a more Spiritual Partner

It is very possible for a female partner to be more spiritually mature than her male partner. Especially if the man became a true… Continue »

What You Should Know About Spirituality and Relationship

When you talk about the things people should know about spirituality and relationships, many people have a different opinions abo… Continue »

5 Reasons Why You want a Friends with Benefits Relationship

The friend with benefits tag is  commonly used to refer to people in a look-alike relationship. While this is completely differen… Continue »

How to Apologise When You Are Not Wrong

Who says apologizing makes you weaker in your relationship? Whether you admit it or not, apologizing can never be a sign of weakn… Continue »

How to Stand in God's Will for Your Relationship

At one point in time or the other, you must have heard or read something about God's will. However, there is always a new sid… Continue »

Lessons from Naomi to Singles

Recently, I read the story of Ruth and Naomi and I discovered certain lessons the old woman taught her daughter in-law. These le… Continue »

How Deep are Your Wedding Vows?

Beyond the "I do" uttered every Saturday at many wedding ceremonies, a long lasting impression comes. the "I do&… Continue »

When You Like Someone outside your Relationship

As humans, it is very possible that you have random feelings for people that you meet on a daily basis. Your ability to keep y… Continue »

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