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A Unhealthy Relationship

Last week was all about secrets, secrets about me and I hope it was fun and you learnt something. But this week we are going to be talking about something different.
I have discovered that there is a need to remind ourselves of what a healthy relationship is supposed to look like because most people get their hearts broken over and over again just because the view they had on what an actual relationship should look like is wrong😢💔💔. That is why in today’s blog we would be taking a ride along the healthy relationship lane.
There really are some things you should look out for when you are in a relationship, some call them relationship pointers (the green light and the red flags in relationship). Today, we would be looking at the red flags that should tell you if your relationship is a healthy one or not. 👌 

Although there are a lot of pointers to an unhealthy relationship, here area few of them. 

1. If you are in a relationship with somebody who’s getting in the way of the plans and purposes you think God is calling you to, please and please find a solution or a way out of that relationship because that is the greatest of all red flags. 

2. Any relationship that gets you out of who you are to pretend to be something or someone else is not a healthy relationship, if when you are with your partner you cannot actually be your true self, enjoy the things you love, have fun the way you like. Wow... That is a big red flag. 

3. A relationship that  makes you compromise your good morals is not the one for you...  It really is not a relationship to go in with. Through the process of dating, if you find yourself doing things that you would not normally do, or you can't be proud of, hmm🤔 it might be the right reason to check you out of that relationship. 

4.  "It takes two to tango", "It takes two good wings for a bird to fly", this is to tell you that even if the bird has two wings but one is weak, the bird can't fly. So is it for someone who finds his or herself doing all the work to make their relationship work. If you fall into this category, you find yourself calling all the time, getting all the gifts for Him or Her, saying all the prayers for both of you and your partner is not saying or doing anything on their own part, well... That might be your own pointer to either make things work or opt out of the relationship. 

5- At the start of your relationship it may seem like you and your partner are a match made in heaven…but if after a while all you get are harsh words, controlling behaviors, irrational attitudes, and emotional turmoil, I think 🤔 I  don't need anybody to tell you to run for your life, because you need to be in a relationship where you and your partner respect each others to a great level.

6- Lastly, if your family and friends are not in support of your relationship with that person, you might want to take your time and think about the reason why they aren't in support of it. Some of the times our family and friends don't even say it directly to us because they feel that they don't want to hurt us, but if you find out that they act in some kind of way when you talk about your partner or relationship, take the bold step to ask them, "why the change of attitude?"

To wrap it up, are you in a relationship that is taking peace? Taking joy? Taking time? Taking fun? Taking something you can never get back from you? You might need a time out because that relationship is in no way a healthy one for you and you might end up suffering from a very long heartache. 😢💔


  1. Good points as always👍🏾💕
  2. Thank you 🙇‍♀
  3. Beautiful, a very beautiful write-up. Weldone ma
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