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5 Reasons Why You want a Friends with Benefits Relationship

5 Reasons Why You want a Friends with Benefits Relationship by Nelson Vincent Ayomitunde
Two Become One
The friend with benefits tag is  commonly used to refer to people in a look-alike relationship. While this is completely different from the friend-zone 

Is “Friends with Benefits” a Godly thing?

Going by the general definition of the phrase, it is right to say that the “friends with benefits” relationship is not godly. However, if you mean that you have a friend of 

1. You don't want to be Responsible

A relationship is not a joke. It requires commitment and responsibility so if you're not ready to give that, you'd likely propose a ''friends with benefits'' relationship.

2. You like to take advantage of Others

In the little time since we started the Two Become One ministry in 2018, I have gathered that about 73% of most ''friends with benefit'' relationships begin only after one or both partners suffer from a heartbreak or as popularly said, ''served breakfast''. This is because at that point, many people are vulnerable and they can fall prey to almost anything. In this case, most individuals who take advantage of the situation are the closest and they are usually your friends who are of the opposite sex.

3. You want Free Sexual Relations
In marriage, you are entitled to sex and should reasonably request it from your spouse. Outside marital relationship, you would be commuting a sin against God by sleeping with your partner. You also know that your last alternative is to pay for sex from prostitutes. Since you know this, your mind begins to look for a FWB partner who wants the same thing as you without

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