Godly relationships are designed by default to be a triangle with God, you and your partner as active participants in the growth and success of that relationship. This means that all three parties have tangible roles and the exclusion of one party invalidates the relationship

31 Days in the Triangle - Two Become One

The 31 Days in the Triangle is an online programme that positions you in the right side of your relationship triangle. It is designed to help courting and married couples bond with the father and stay intimate while exploring their love journey. From March 1st through 31st, we would host you with Daily Couple Devotionals, Daily Prompts, Prophetic Confessions, Weekly Prayer Meetings and ultimately, an end of the month hangout.

To register for the 31 Days in the Triangle, you simply need to click here. Both partners are advised to register individually (of course you can register twice - for yourself and your partner). You can also share this link with your partner so that they can join in too. Upon a successful registration, you will be redirected to a closed Whatsapp group.

We hope to see you in soon! Cheers to a blissful relationship!