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7 Pointers for a Healthy Relationship

There are different forms of red flags in a relationship. These red flags simply mean different things that should not be found in a relationship, and in this post we will be talking about the green light of healthy relationship, these green lights are things or activities that should be found in a relationship, so if you are in a relationship and you and your partner have all these things going on, you can say your relationship is a healthy one. 
7 Pointers for a Healthy Relationship in 2023

After carrying out a research on what people think a healthy relationship should look like, the result shows that most people know what a healthy relationship should look like. Here are a few things that should be found in healthy relationship. 


It will be a sign of disrespect to yourself if you are in a relationship where you cannot respect your partner, and Respect isn’t about controlling someone or making them do what you want them to do. Respect is actually about the freedom to be yourself and to be loved for who you are.
If this is found in your relationship, then you can say it is healthy. 


Heartfelt Communication is the heart of every relationship, it is very essential in our relationship and no matter how well you know your partner and love them,  communication is still needed, it can never be too much. Communication can never be perfect at all times but, couples should try to have healthy communication everytime in this way, they will be able to understand each other better. In relationships, communication allows to you explain to someone else what you are experiencing and what your needs are. If in your relationship, you and your partner find it easy to communicate, freely and openly, then that is a green light for a healthy relationship. 


According to the Merriam Webster dictionary, accountability is an obligation or willingness to accept responsibility or to account for one's actions. In a healthy relationship couples are accountable to each other for every part of their lives and this builds more intimacy and trust it also helps couples to know each other more and recognise problems they have in their relationships so that they can solve them together, if in your relationship accountability is something you do, it is not a sign of weakness, it is a strength that should be built upon and that is a green light.


There is a popular saying that "Honesty is the best policy" they say. Honesty is also essential in every relationship because a relationship built on dishonesty and lies will surely lead to a breakup. There is a great need for couples to be honest in dealing with each other this will help them to know each other for who they are and save them the stress of being sad in their relationship or having issues they could have talked about and solved.


People tend to do well in whatever it is they are doing when they find supporters and cheerleaders that is why in every football game or any athletic match there are going to be people to support the players. It is the same for relationships,  a healthy relationship should have its partners supporting each other and helping each other grow in all aspects of their lives because when your partner supports you in all you do you would find joy in doing whatever it is you are doing. So if in your relationship you and your partner support each other that is a green light.


Unlike sacrifice, compromise is a mutual activity that involves couples finding a problem in their lives and helping each other to solve those problems it is essential that both couples are helping each other. This is essential in a relationship because both parties will not only help each other, but get to know each other while adding value to themselves and their partner.


A healthy relationship should be a peaceful relationship where each partner understands and respects the do's and don'ts of the other. 


Your relationship can be healthy if you want it to be. Just as it is with our bodies, you can take preventive measures to help your relationship stay healthy at all times

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