This teaching was taken by Muyiwa Adigun (Director of the popular stage play PELUMI) on the day of the launch of Two Become One- 30th of December, 2018.

Lord we Pray you speak to us Tonight. Let our hearts retain your wisdom and strength to Act on it.

TOPIC: Wisdom for Courtship
1.Learn that Courtship is the Relationship between  a male and  a female with the intent of getting married... Wrongship is the Relationship with an unbeliever.

2.  Buy God a  Gift. This is to appreciate him for bringing you both together. You can both ask God what He wants. It's simple and He will tell you if you ask.

3. Mark your Relationship- Let there be a token, something notable to mark the beginning of the relationship. I bought my wife back then, a Pink Bible. It was a sign I agreed to give her a Godly experience in the Relationship and  have the Bible as our final authority.

4. Accountability- Be accountable to someone, a mentor you both respect. This is very important. It gives the relationship directions. Relationship is not a secret cult. I feel it's not right to go into a relationship with your pastor not involved. It shows a lack of divine order.
We (my wife and I) made up our mind that "if I touch you in this Relationship gbam, we are both free to report to our mentor."
Our mentor also once gave my wife an assignment on love, thank God she did it- for 3 years of marriage no fight no arguments...

5. Ask Sincere Questions- Of many questions, ask this one sincere Question. "How do you want me to love you?"
Jesus himself asked people what they wanted from him. He never assumed.
Don't assume. It will give understanding. I know what my wife wants. Her ear ring may be small. I know her best author. I know she likes some food. I know her best colour. I know she sleeps early. This is called understanding.

6. Understand Fruits of the Spirit- What is your spouse's Dominant Fruit of  the spirit?
-Abraham's faith.            -Sarah's meekness.                   -Abigail's peace
You need to find this out. People see love through the dominant fruit of the spirit. Note I said Dominant. For me it's Joy, I just want to be happy. My wife's Peace.

7. The conduct of Royalty- Every kingdom has different conducts. God would have taught these things to every man of purpose. As a man you must be a teacher. You must teach your wife the conduct of your kingdom. Esther was trained before getting married to the king. In some of our churches it might be called foundation school- why we do what we do and how we do it. Adam spoke to Eve about The forbidden fruit. We know it. Submission is submitting to a mission.

8. Joy compass
You need to know what gives your spouse instant might need to try different name on him/her. Relationship talks makes me happy and my spouse knows the special name that gives me instant joy.
Call your spouse name that touch them deep down. Not just babe..sweetheart.. Honey... God had to change the name of Abram to Abraham. It's allowed in  a covenant Relationship. Also, know that no one must inspire your spouse more than you, nobody on earth.

9. Pray together- If you don't pray together often you will always argue.. You bond with the person you PRAY WITH...PRAY FOR...PRAY TO (GOD).

10. Schedule Fun
If you don't schedule fun, it might not happen, so Schedule Prayer and Schedule Fun.
Now I beseech you, brethren, by the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that ye all speak the same thing, and that there be no divisions among you; but that ye be perfectly joined together in the same mind and in the same judgment.It will bond your hearts.

I have to stop here.
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#Prophetic words
1. God said am getting people engaged next year by speed.
2. God said go and start that ministry go and minister to the sick in the hospital.
3. God said "I am bringing money into the hands of women through fashion." Position yourself
4. I am calling you to intercession. Your family need your prayers and I have raised you as a Joseph for them.

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