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5 Ways to Effectively Pray with Your Partner

5 Ways to Effectively Pray with Your Relationship Partner/Spouse by Nelson Vincent Ayomitunde
Two Become One

When Jesus said this in scriptures, He actually meant "any two persons" and not specifically for individuals in a relationship. Now, imagine you two in a relationship then take this much serious and choose to pray together... How much more great things happen.

Sometimes, you just need somebody to agree with you in prayer; somebody who knows how to stand on God's word and intercede with Him for you two. It yields in two different ways.

Firstly, when you two pray together, you settle joint decisions in prayer. Far from all the wokeness and really fun things going on as regards enjoying a relationship and being with the special one, if you two don’t pray together, you would have a huge problem in sustaining the relationship.

Many calls and texts in counselling about how issues are beginning to pop up in some relationships have 80% of them linked to the absence of joint prayers in a long time. It’s an advice or counsel to pray. This is because it is disheartening to see relationships at the verge of or breaking up when things are not working out.

Let's see several things praying together can do for both of you.

First, the family that prays together stays together. Prayer is both conversation and encounter with God. Always love to have that encounter alone with God and enjoy having your prayer time together. We pray together just about anytime and anywhere - In a restaurant, on the phone, in the house, at church, anywhere and anytime.

You actually have to give your whole life for the relationship and become a totally new person. Look at your relationship as you and Jesus. You have to give your whole self to Jesus to die and you then resurrect with a renewed life as a new person.” This is what happens with Jesus! How much more our partner?

Praying teaches you to be other-focused: Spending time talking and praying together about issues and concerns helps you see life and the troubles of your spouse in a better light. Praying helps you focus on your spouse and others, too.

You’d stop thinking about just you. Your sad and happy moments are shared. Your benefits are shared. Your debts even are shared. You focus more on ‘we’ instead of just you.

It’s so important for courting couples to pray together. Praying with your partner, if you haven’t made it a habit, can feel awkward at first, but will then become something you will find comforting and encouraging.

Praying together also humbles you: Praying about your concerns and struggles keeps you humble as you share with God and your partner what things worry you and tempt you, or what you need to figure out. When you pray to God, you are not only talking and listening to Him but also recognizing that He knows all things and controls all things.

When you know what they need, what they are struggling with and what they are praying about, you trust them so much that you just need to pray to God to get most of the information you need.

Again, Praying together strengthens the bond of the relationship: Prayer is also a way to seek God’s wisdom together. As you pray and come to agreements on matters, that discipline then builds unity and strength in the relationship. It is also where you can fight for your relationship together when the difficult days come.

Joint Prayers encourages vulnerability and grace: Prayers of confession or for asking God for help against a temptation allows you to be vulnerable with each other, and to show forgiveness and grace towards each other. That vulnerability can also strengthen the love and affection you feel for one another.

Also, Praying together increases trust and intimacy with partner: Intimacy is built on trust, and trust is built on how we respond to being vulnerable with each other. Praying together helps you show and receive trust that strengthens the bonds of intimacy in your relationship.

If you find it weird praying together or opening up to God with your partner there. You can try these together:

1. Attend spiritual meetings
2. Attend relationships seminars
3. Review books
4. Record a song you both know together
5. Take turns in attending your services if you worship at different centres.

Instead of fighting and considering a break up, prayer becomes a resort for you because in there you’d find results and wisdom on what to do. If you don’t pray together on these issues, your Spirits cannot be in sync to receive an instruction God has for both of you.

Finally, Prayer changes people: This one is a huge hack! There’s something your partner is doing or an opinion she holds that you don’t like, go and change it in prayer. Use this well! Stop nagging all the time!

Praying together reminds you that God is the sole source of life, truth, love, and hope: When you pray together, you are focusing your minds, hearts, and marriage on God. You are making your marriage God-centered. You are sharing with Him your deepest needs and desires, hopes and dreams together.

You’re basing your parenting on God putting you through holding both of you in his hands side by side. Gosh! What a position to be in with God!
Matthew 18:19
Again, truly I tell you that if two of you on earth agree about anything they ask for, it will be done for them by my Father in heaven.  

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