While I really don't like to hear breakfast stories, I commend people with courage to initiate the break up because of something they found out they can't live with or based on confirmed instructions from God. It takes so much courage.

People say that people in relationships are the hardest people to advice and it's not a lie. Me, I'd just be praying that if the relationship is not yours, your break up and e go happen. I won't push my advice or counsel on you.

You can get everything wrong but don't get marriage wrong. Please, don't. That's the worst place to be stuck in.

You can get friendship and relationship wrong but don't enter marriage with the wrong person. Be sure that they are sane, they love the Lord and they have good character.

There are somethings merely "being in love" cannot help. You'd experience then and be so helpless about how stuck you are. God be with you o.🤲

Before I finally drop mic, stop jumping from one relationship to another. You don't have to ALWAYS be in a relationship if it's not working.

You are complete without a relationship. You won't die if you don't enter one. Don't carry the hurt of your previous relationships and spoil the next one. Deal with what went wrong and get better for the next.

Fix and love yourself. Don't seek for external validation. Be secure in yourself.

The (wo)man you got into a relationship months or years ago might not be the same person now and it doesn't mean God's will has changed. People just change.

That's why you must grow together, evaluate yourselves and always be in sync with God. If you are in sync, you'd be well informed to know better what to do or not. This one is a whole curriculum. Lol.

It is well o.

But when God instructs you and reveals something that might be a barrier in your relationship, that's the merciful part of God. Hold it and act on it. Don't try to silence the voice.

It's the same when you're single. Don't waste the time for developing yourself to get into an unfruitful entanglement because you just feel like it or FOMO. Pray about it first. Ask yourself questions and then, pray again. 

It's not that simple sometimes because people change. They get exposed, learn things, change.