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5 Lessons from Our 5 Year Courtship Anniversary

Two Become One
1. Time reveals: Oh yes, time does. People miss it in marriage mostly because they didn't pay attention while they were dating or courting. Time reveals character, capacity, wisdom, progress, plans, etc.

You would know the person well (maybe not totally), when you pay attention to them. It won't take time before you'd start to see their real self. It's the same with even you as a person, you'd begin to learn different things about yourself that you never knew.

With time, you'd start to really see who your partner is and it can't hide for long.

2. Time tells stories: Today, we took a step back to look at where we were when we met and where we are now and they don't even match. We had our different seasons with different challenges. Some things we worried about 2 years ago are not the same things we're thinking now. Seasons change and you must recognize it.

There was a time we would think days before buying something or days we'd delay gratification for a need because we couldn't afford it. Lool.

I think it was in our first year that I helped babe save so much to get a new laptop so we could share it since I didn't have one. Now, I have 2.😂

3. You can follow God's will: I think that if there's anything we've hacked together, it's following God's will. We never second guess instructions from God and we're always in sync so if God is telling one person, best believe that the other person knows about it.

You can follow God's will and have a partner who is ready to move with you on it. Getting someone who is not slow in the Spirit is a big flex. You won't argue about so much and you'd have little differences because you're plugged to the same source.

You can and will have it.

4. The concept of mirroring Jesus Christ and the church is not impossible: Oh, we're not perfect o but, I constantly see a reflection of how God loves me in my relationship and it's not by mouth. The love that comes with obvious sacrifice, inconvenience and loyalty to the one you love even when it hurts.

Lol like, we share the smallest things, give all it takes to see the other person achieve their goals, celebrate our wins, sacrifice enjoyment to be with the other person even when you don't feel like it, forgive again and again and even before they offend you, support them when they are not there and love our families.

Must be another Christ.

5. Love is not just a feeling but an intentional decision to love the other person with everything that comes with it. There would be days you just want to bounce out and there are days you don't want them out of your sight. On either days, your decision to love must stand.

If Jesus chose to love us even before we came in, how much more us? That's how we think.

You get to a point where there's nothing they can do to freak you out, you have forgiven them already and moved. A lot of break ups would be avoided if we understand this. You don't wake up one morning to say you're not "feeling" it anymore. Build strong convictions.

I remember the last physical Becoming More with Della and babe was in charge of media— making the event go smooth and doing all the work while I just had to go up stage and do my thing.

Pastor Usen MJ had sighted him and the way he was working all through the event. He called me aside and said "Della. There's something about that man wearing blue and serving. Have you considered him for a relationship?"

This was last year and he didn't even know anything was up. I just said "Pastor, I have this man on lockdown already. Not letting him go." And we laughed.😂

Ladies, in all your getting, get a man who would;
1. LOVE you as a big deal 
2. Be kind to you first as a person before a partner (you'd see this in the way they relate with people). He must have built character.
3. Catch a revelation of who you are first before God (he must understand your purpose and calling like the back of his palms)
4. God extra miles to support you and everything that comes with it. He must be your hype man, covering and defender
5. Above everything else, love the LORD with all his heart and with all his soul including the things of God. Very important. If he loves the Lord, loving you would be a walk in the park.

Or the crusade we had earlier this year. It was almost time to show the last part of the movie through the projector and suddenly, the laptop stopped working. Babe was in charge of this part of the crusade but he just didn't tell me at first.

He later called me to tell me, we went aside and laid hands on the laptop and started praying it back on. Immediately it was time for it to show, the laptop came back on.

We just remained calm and let it play. Nobody around knew what had happened. See, with this man, my soul has escaped. There's nothing anyone can do to me.😂

Did anyone lie to you to say men won't want to be with you if you are too ambitious as a woman? Please, just laugh and tell them you are not just about men, you are about sons.

When God gives you His son, he would see your ambitions as God's and do his assignment in your calling. He won't be intimidated and the devil will have no hold over his mind. He will see your fulfillment of purpose as the glorification Christ and not a tool to silence him.

The head cannot be silenced. To recognize a person, you will have to see the head first. Do what you will with this information.😂

Ordinary this one, the devil continues to wage war. When we now get married nko? 

He go dey foam for mouth.😂

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