Our Founders

nelson and della
For three years now, Nelson and Adeola have engaged in a love walk with God. Theirs is a purposeful relationship planted by God to be exemplary to other individuals and relationships alike especially.
Nelson and Della are strongly convinced of God‘s love and reflect it in their relationship. They host Two Become One, an online community for singles and courting individuals who are particular about God in their relationships.  

Nelson and Della are authors of the book, HoldUp. It is a relationship manual that drives the need for intimacy and continuous growth in love for partners who are affected by long distance. It discusses using real life activities, diverse ways to grow intimacy, keep the fire of love burning and especially remain faithful to God and one another

Nelson is a Digital marketer and entrepreneur. Della on the other hand is a business and brand strategist, life, entrepreneurship and relationship coach.

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