I wake up today, my calendar telling me it's a Saturday. I also remember the above lines formed a baseline in the Ebenezer Obey's grand song. It tells a love story with the male, prompting his lady to come to him while they enjoy till forever.

Every Saturday, many love stories are shared. Plenty weddings, few marriages. In our society especially, celebrity marriages seem to be the main attack-target as social media and paparazzi releases and news always pump put a divorce case here or a separation elsewhere.

Below are a few tips to make your marriage work when it seems crashing.

1. Pray for your spouse: We are not usually conscious of the streams of opportunity that we hold when we pray, a reason why individuals do not seem to take prayers, especially for their spouses as a serious assignment. If you would pray

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So, one cool evening, your playlist might just contain this song and you'd be glad too. 

Nelson Vincent