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Why Am I Here?

Have you ever found yourself eating the least kind of meal with your family in this part of the world? I mean Garri, without sugar, groundnut or any additional condiments? But in your own little world, you are eating a full course meal on the same table with great men?

I know only a few might be able to relate with this illustration, but that is who I am. At the hardest moments and in the lowest places without my desired lifestyle, I still see myself living my dreams life and achieving my goals and not allowing my present situation stand in my way.

This ability has propelled me to look deeper for a reason to live, and not just live but live a purpose filled life. In the search for my life’s purpose, I have come to discover what I live for. This is what has brought me to the blogging community.

I help individuals that are single, dating or married to live a life of purpose in line with this-know the basic steps to choosing the right life partner for them. That makes me a life and relationship coach. On this page, we will discuss how to live a happy life with the right partner. We would also discuss different topics on relationship.

Guys, because we are talking about love we will be making this page our love tribe and I came up with a name for the tribe that I think you all will really like LOLONYA meaning “love is beautiful”. This is a name I chose because underneath the pains and struggles in a relationship, we find its beauty.

I would drop contents on this tribe twice in a week and I hope to see you often to learn more on how to live a happy life with the right partner.


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