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2 Reasons Why You Should Avoid Sex Before Marriage

There was once an online challenge where parents were to test their children’s obedience and resistance to sweet things.

When Tami saw this challenge, she decided to try it with her kids- Katy and Elon who are 5 years and 7 years old respectively. Tami placed a box of chocolates in front of Katy and Elon and told the both of them not to eat any and to watch it till she comes back. She told them that they would get to eat the chocolates when she got back and then said goodbye. Katy and Elon happen to love chocolates so much, what child doesn't? Their mom seemed to be taking long Three things could happen;
• Katy and Elon could overcome their temptation by being obedient and waiting for their mom.
• Both of them could have decided to go against their mom's instruction and eat the candies anyway.
• The last thing is that Katy and Elon could have decided to play a wise game of taking the chocolates, licking 
them, and placing them back in the box.
Ok! This is the point where we eave the kids and their mom. Do you want to know what Katy and Elon did?
In most cases, dating or courting couples find themselves in place of Katy and Elon when it comes to sex and sexual activities. In this case, couples are Katy and Elon and their mom is God. The box of chocolates is sex. In relationships, three things can happen;
  • Partners may choose to be obedient to the will of God and keep sex till after marriage
  • Some don’t care about keeping sex sacred. They just go for it anyways.
  • The last set of people are those that feel they are wise and then decide to engage in other sexual activities like kissing, caressing, pornography, etc.
Today, we will be talking about the last two sets of people. Those that don’t care and those that try to be wise. And that brings us to the 2 reasons why you should avoid sex and sexual activities before marriage.

1. It Is a Sin against God

I can already almost hear you say ‘there you go again!’ but it is what it is. 1st Corinthians 6 says a whole lot about sexual immorality, especially among unmarried couples. As children of God and God’s creation, we are meant to live for His glory and make ourselves a living sacrifice to Him (see Romans 12:2). Having sex outside of wedlock would only displease Him.

2. It is a Sin Against Yourself

1st Corinthians 6: 15-16 & 18-20 said it plainly and explicitly. You cannot join the body of a prostitute with the body of Christ and because of our nature in Christ and because our body is the temple of Christ, we have to hold it in high regard. The moment you commit these sexual sins you separate yourself from Christ and remember that John 15:5 already made it clear that the one who is cut away from Christ shall do nothing good. How then is this not sin against yourself because you have just succeeded in separating yourself from the graces that you were supposed to enjoy?


These two reasons are why you should not have sex or allow sexual activities that would trigger sex to happen between you and your partner before marriage. 

And for Katy and Elon, they chose to obey their mother and wait till she got back from wherever she went to.

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