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6 Things You Can Do on Valentine’s Day to Make Him Love You More

6 Things You Can Do on Valentine’s Day to Make Him Love You More
Who said men don’t need to be loved on a day like a valentine’s day? As a lady, you might be wondering if it is possible to make his day memorable this year valentine’s day because he never seems to be surprised. You might also be wondering how to make him love you more, valentine’s day or not. This article is definitely for you and before we move on, I want to ask you, do you know his primary love language? Knowing your man’s primary love language will help you to know how best to spice things up in your relationship. Just in case you don’t know his love language you will be able to catch a glimpse of it here. Below are 6 things you can and should do to make him love you even more this valentine and others.

1. Call Him 

Yes, baby girl, give him a call. We call this Valentine’s day appetizer. That nice voice of yours will be something he should wake up to especially on such a beautiful day. Although it might seem as if nothing surprises Him, He will love the fact that you gave him a call on valentine’s day. You can choose to do this in the morning or sometimes during the day when you know he would need something to ease the tension around him. It could be tension from work, school, or anything he might be doing at that time. Just give him that call telling him that you just called to check up on him and to make sure that he is enjoying
valentine’s day where ever he is then you can add any other sweetener to the conversation. 

2. Send Him a Gift 

There is a wrong assumption that men do not need to be given gifts but that will be a total lie. As much as they can seem like the alpha creation, they remain human and also love to be appreciated. Funny enough, to a man a gift can be a pair of sneakers, a book, nice wear, a wristwatch, or food all you need to do is to know what your partner would like and get it for him.

3. Send Him a Mail 

This is going to be one out of the blues act. Instead of an SMS send him a mail. Who expects to get mail from his girl on valentine’s day? Yes, send him a mail telling him how much you want him to enjoy the day. You can tell him anything you want. When you are done sending him the mail, you put it through to him and tell him to check his mail. Then watch the marvel unravel.

4. Pray for Him 

What more can take the place of prayers. Speaking greatness into the life of your man on such a day will be one of the best things you can do for him. Men love to know that their partner supports them in all that they do. Valentine’s day will be a great day to speak some declarative prayers into his work, studies, growth, spirituality, and life as a whole. Then you can watch him shower you with more love.

5. Tell Him How Much You Respect Him 

One of the greatest needs of a man is to be respected. Considering the position that God has placed the, he is a leader by ordinance. He is not meant to boss you around but lead you to become a better version of yourself and have the best relationship. Appreciating your man for all that he has done so far, no matter how little is one thing that will make him love you even more. You should tell him how much you respect him and the way he approaches all that he does. As much as you want him to love you more and feel loved, you also need to be honest with him so, you should not lie to him if he hasn’t been doing some things right.

6. Take Him Out on a Date 

Taking him out on a date is one of the things that your man will not expect. You can tell him to meet you up somewhere and from there you can go to the place you planned to take him to. be sure to let him know that all expenses are on you. Let him know that you are ready to pamper him. You can then play games and have fun on your date. This will surprise him totally and make him wonder what a unique lady you are.
The most essential need of the male gender in any relationship is to be respected. Choose to make this year’s valentine’s day one where you man relaxes and enjoy himself. Ry any of the above activities on this year’s valentine’s day and watch him love you more.
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In what other way would you celebrate valentine’s day with your partner?

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