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8 Amazing Ways to Keep Her by Your Side Forever

Every man who truly loves his girl always finds a way to keep her always by his side, maybe not physically all the time but every other time, he wants her to be on his side- on his team. The issue most of the time is that it is tough to understand a lady. A lot of men find themselves rumbling and mumbling the words; "Women are complicated" to themselves. Is this a false statement? Not at all. But are there ways to win your woman's heart over to your side forever? Absolutely! And that is what we will be discussing today.
Below are 8 ways to keep your woman by your side forever.

1. Always Appreciate Her

Many women go round the clock to do a lot of things for their family and friends, even their spouse but they do all this without being appreciated. This causes a lot of women to be bitter and angry as they have been made to seem invincible despite all their efforts and contributions. Take some time every day to let your woman know that you appreciate all that she does and stands for.
2. Challenge Her: This might sound funny because why would you challenge a woman you claim to love. Over time, women have been seen to be the weaker vessel and even the Holy book made it clear that they are to be treated with care. However, this line of thought all around the world has made women be looked down on and seen as ones who should not be seen in some spaces and positions. One way to make her love you and be in your side at all times is to challenge her to higher thoughts, not push her or bully her but let her always know that she is not weak so she can stand her ground and do great things too.

3. Affirm Her

Yes, as much as some women keep an "I got it all together" face and attitude, it is still a given that ladies are emotional beings. If you have a woman like that, a way to keep her by your side always and forever, constantly affirm her. Let her know that she is enough and it is okay to not get it all the time.

4. Support Her: Most women feel unloved not because their partner physically abuses them or maltreats them, they feel so because they have a lot of things to do but their husband, or boyfriend never seems to see a reason why he should support her dreams and aspirations. What you can do is to get to know those things that she longs to do, her dreams and aspirations, then ask her how you can come to help her bring those dreams to life.

5. Pray for and with Her

Many times, women put their trust in God, women believe that the Supreme being (God) has a say in the happenings in their life. Look at your environment, you will find out that women attend church the most and this signals that women place a lot of their trust in God and that God matters a lot to them. If you notice that your woman places her trust in God so much, from time to time hold her hands and pray for and with her. She will never take it for granted.
6. Gift Her: Is your woman a lover of gifts? Don't let her ask before you get her nice things. The other side to this is that a lot of women don't have the love language of gifts but they will feel very happy to receive a gift from their partner especially without them asking. If you would want her to remain by your side at all times, surprise her with a little gift here and there.

7. Spend Time with Her

Women tend to retreat for a while once they notice that their partner is often busy, they seem understanding on the outside but deep inside of them is a hunger to spend time with their partner. If it continues for a long time, the woman becomes angry, touchy, and unhappy. No matter how busy your schedule is, find some to stay with your woman without being distracted. By doing this, you get to know her more and understand her better.

8. Listen to Her: A lot of women actually talk, they try to communicate their feelings to their partner but due to different things such as work, and other distractions, their partner tends to just hear them and not pay attention to what the woman has to say. A way to keep your woman by your side is to take your time to listen attentively when she is trying to communicate with you.

As much as a woman may be a little bit hard to understand, it is easy to win her over to your side. I look forward to seeing your replies after you have put into practice the above tips. I am sure that there are more ways to keep her by your side forever and I look forward to you sharing them with me in the comments section.

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