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Self Love: How to Love Yourself in Your Relationship

Self Love: How to Love Yourself in Your Relationship
Two Become One

In today’s society, it can be difficult to develop a healthy concept of self-love but you have to love yourself before anyone else can. self-love isn’t about being egotistical or arrogant, it’s about being secure in your identity.

Sometimes believers think self-anything is a sin but, when you learn to love yourself, you’re able to sustain healthy relationships. If you’re insecure, no amount of love from your partner will ever be enough.
A huge aspect of learning to love yourself properly is seeing yourself the way that God sees you.

He loves us so much that while we were in sin, Jesus came and died for us (Romans 5:8). So, no matter how we feel at times, we have to remember that we were worthy enough for Him to give His own life. This truth should empower you to value yourself.

We are significant to the Lord, He made us joint-heirs with Christ! When you fully understand this and recognize your importance, you’ll start to see yourself differently and begin to love yourself inside out.

Here are a few practical tips to help you love yourself more.
Surround yourself with healthy people and community.

When you’re determined to love yourself, it’s crucial for you to be around others who love themselves and speak life consistently. If you’re always hanging out with negative people, it’ll start to rub off of you. Spending more time with those you admire can go a long way in gaining self-confidence.
Enjoy your own company.

If you hate being alone it could be a sign that you don’t love yourself enough. Now, you don’t have to isolate yourself but solitude can rejuvenate you. This could be as simple as taking yourself to the movies or going for a long walk. Maybe you could take a class or do something you’ve wanted to do but no one had any interest. This is YOUR time — do you!

Spend time with God.

Spending time with God can look like different things for different people. Maybe for you, it’s watching a teaching on YouTube, or journaling, or maybe it’s taking a nature walk. Whatever you can do to feel more connected to God and hear His voice.

You don’t have to wait for Sunday service to get in the presence of God. Turn on some worship music, pray, and rest in Him. Tell Him what’s on your mind and how you’re trying to develop healthy self-love. There’s something about knowing that the God of heaven and earth is with you, and His love will spark your own.
Cherish what you have and who you are NOW.

This is a big one! So many times we get caught up in thinking that soon we’ll have this and one day we’ll be happy. We fantasize about the perfect life scenario and we’re so fixated on that idea that we overlook how blessed we already are. This leads to depression and makes it difficult to love ourselves.

Make the very best out of everything you have as it is right now. Be present and don’t forget to smell the roses because life is so sweet! There’s nothing wrong with desiring more but don’t downplay all that you do have. As you work toward the life you want, take on the mindset of gratitude — it’ll make the journey that much better!

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