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When Spirituality Bows to Emotions

Two Become One, Adesola Similoluwa, When Spirituality bows to Emotions
Two Become One
After Nelson and I started our relationship, it was a mix of "No sex until marriage" and "we really want to have fun growing with God". The truth is, it really isn't easy. Sometimes you want to just hold and "do the do" but then, the love of God constrains.

It's really not about how spiritual you are because ''body no be fire wood'' but of course how much of self control one can have. That's why the question is - Is it really possible to be in a relationship and not let your emotions take over you? Is it possible to abstain from sex until marriage? Is it possible to do away with the sexual urges when they come? 😭 When you're around boo or bae and your body is doing 'gish gish' and you just want to cuddle, what do you do? 😔

two become one ministry
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I'll Like To Break Down The Topic For Easy Understanding- "When Spirituality Bows To Emotions"

This is simply a situation where Christians, spiritual people, tongue speaking and dead raising people fall Into sexual sin either as singles or when in a relationship.

I'll Be Splitting this into parts.

- What Are Sexual Sins
- Consequences
- How To Overcome Sexual Sins
- Prayer For Healing From Sexual Sin

So, Let's move ✈
First, Sexual sins are Sexual sins. Sex is a Gift from God, beautifully wrapped and meant only to be opened in marriage. So, When You ''thief the meat from the pot, and open that Gift, You've Committed Sexual Immorality. Examples are cases of masturbation, fornication, lust, pornography, incest and all other forms of sex.

I'll also like to establish the Spiritual Vs Emotions. We Need To know who a Spiritual man is and who An Emotional Man Is.

Spiritual And Emotional are two Types Of mental behavioral changes In man that shows some differences Between Them. Emotions Are Nothing But Feelings Related To *Worldly Life*. On The Other Hand, Spiritual Are Feelings Related To *Unearthly Or Unworldly Life.*

There Can Only Be *Earthly Happiness* In Emotional Feelings. On The Other Hand, There Can Be An *Unbound Happiness* In The Case Of Spiritual Feelings. This Is An Important Difference Between The Two Mental Conditions.

Being Spiritual Is All About Being *Godly In Thinking And Acting. On the other hand, being emotional Is All About Being *Humanly in thinking and Acting*.

Spirituality is *highest state of mind*, Whereas Emotional Is The *Normal State Of Mind*. Anybody Can Be Emotional At A Given Point Of Time. On The Other Hand, *Only People With Pure Mind And Thought Alone Can Be Spiritual.*

Emotional Is Related To The *Physical Body*. On The Other Hand, Spiritual Is Related To The *Divine Nature Of The Soul Within The Body*. The Word ‘spiritual’ Is Derived From The Word ‘spirit’ That Resides In Every Individual.

Spiritual Leads To The *Equanimity Of Individuals And The Tranquility Of The Mind*. On The Other Hand, Emotional Feeling Leads To The *Agitation Of The Mind And The Disturbance Caused In Mental Balance*. Since Emotional Is All About Being Worldly It Affects The Other Individuals As Well. On The Other Hand, Since Spirituality Is Unworldly In Nature It Is Experienced By The Individual Without Affecting The Others.

Spirituality Leads To Religion. On The Other Hand, Emotional Feelings Lead To Friendship And Enmity. Spiritual Is Nothing But The Feeling Of The Existence Of God Within Us. On The Other Hand, Emotional Behavior Results In Actions Such As Crying, Shouting And Lamenting. A Spiritual man can be emotional Too But A Solely Emotional Man Is not automatically Spiritual Unless He deliberately decides to be.*

Now, Why Do Spiritual Men Fall?

God Commands and demands that there shouldn't even be a hint of sexual immorality among us as His saved people (Ephesians 5:3). This Feels Completely impossible most Of The Time. If there is one area Of Life Where It Feels like Satan Is winning the battle, it is in the area of sex. At the same time, if there is one area where our Bodies Are Screaming Out For us to Disobey God, Its in the area of sex.

Sexual sin is one sin That Most Christians are guilty of. You might not have physically had Sex before, but your Mind Has Done More Than What Married People Do.
Remember scriptures mentioned that If You Look At A Woman Lustfully, You've Had Sex With Her l, making you No Different From Fornicators..

Let me establish that a lot Of People Feel Pornography And Masturbation Is An Escape From Sex, Thus It's Not A Sin. Dear people of God, they are Also Sexual Sins because They Don't Only Cage You But Make you Long For The Real Deal...

(Use This Analysis Also For Other Sexual Sins and Lies)

Porn Is Harmless."

I don't think there will ever be a lie as misleading than this. While Watching pornography may seem as an insignificant problem in the Beginning, It adds up In The Long Run Until It Gains The Power To Ruin Areas Of Our Lives That We Might Not Think It Has Effect Over.

1 Corinthians 6:13 Says, "'Food Is Meant For The Stomach And The Stomach For Food'—And God Will Destroy Both One And The Other. The Body Is Not Meant For Sexual Immorality, But For The Lord, And The Lord For The Body." God Intends To Destroy Sexual Immorality Before It Destroys Us.

When Jesus Took Our Sins To The Cross, He Nailed Pornography And Sexual Impurity Along With All Other Iniquities So That We May Experience Freedom Once And For All. In Christ There Is Freedom, But People Who Get Too Deep Into Pornography Will See It Destroy Certain Areas Of Their Lives. Here Are Seven Areas In A Person's Life That Porn Destroys.

1. Spirituality
This Has To Be The Most Obvious. It's Hard To Grow In Our Relationship With God When We Are In Bondage To Sin. While God Desires For Us Freedom To Pursue Him, Sin Draws Us Away From God's Presence And Makes It Difficult To Grow Spiritually.

2. Parenting
When Children Are Deeply Exposed To Porn, It Becomes Difficult For Parents To Guide Them In The Ways They Should Go. Studies Show That 67 Percent Of Young Men And 49 Percent Of Young Women Regard Viewing Porn Is An Acceptable Way To Express One's Sexuality. Also, Parents Who Expose Themselves To Porn Have Often Admitted To Feeling Desensitised In The Areas Of Marriage And Family.

3. Marriage
No Matter How Many Times You Flip It, Pornography Is Adultery And Infidelity. While There May Be No Physical Contact, There Is An Unfaithfulness In The Mind And Heart. Covenant Eyes Shares That 56 Percent Of Divorce Cases Involved One Party Having An Obsessive Interest In Pornographic Websites.

4. Work And Productivity
The Family Research Council Says, "When Viewing Pornography Becomes An Addiction, 40 Percent Of Sex Addicts Lose Their Spouses, 58 Percent Suffer Considerable Financial Losses, And About A Third Lose Their Jobs."

Pornography Can Become A Challenge To Productivity And Therefore To Work, Especially When We Expose Ourselves To Porn During Work Hours.

5. Finances.
With A Drop Of Productivity At Work, There Can Often Be A Drop Of Profitability. Porn Is An Expensive Industry That Can Rack Up Unnecessary Expenses That Can Be Used Elsewhere. It Doesn't Only Eat Up Monetary Resources, But Also More Important Resources Such As Time And Attention.

6. Sense Of Social Justice.
The Porn Industry And Human Trafficking Problems Are Tied Up In So Many Areas. Many Porn Videos Online Involve Women Taken For Granted Out Of Their Own Free Will, Some Of Them Being Underage. It May Not Seem Like It, But Being Attached To Porn Is Feeding The Problem Of Social Injustice Today.

7. Ministry
We Have Seen Stories Of Pastors, Church Leaders And Spiritual Mentors Having To Step Down From Their Posts Because Of Problems That Boil Down To Sexual Immorality. Porn Does Not Just Hurt The Individual But Even People Around Them. Many Ministries Have Suffered As A Result Of Pornography Taking Charge Of The Hearts And Minds Of Men And Women In Church Work.

*The Things You Do Now Have Ripple Effects On Your Future.*
*Sexual Immorality If Not Stopped At A Tender Age can Lead To Many Issues In Marriage And Purpose.*

A Lot Of Christians Fall Into Sexual Sin When They Become Unguarded. No Matter How Spiritual You Are, You Cannot Be Independent Of God's Help.

Many Christians Feel They Can Do Some Things With Their Strength Alone And Thus, Fail. So, Do Not Depend On Your Strength. You need God at All Times.

*Consequences Of Sexual Sin*

Usually We Think That We Can Handle Sin Or We Can Get Away With It When No One Is Looking. But The Price Of Sin Is High.

First, The Price For My Sin Required Nothing Less Than The Death Of The Innocent Son of God, Jesus, The Christ, The Holy One, Who Died An Ugly, Humiliating, Horribly Painful Death On The Cross To Satisfy His Father’s Wrath For My Sin. My Sin Is very costly.

These Are Only Some Of The Consequences Of Sexual Sin. If Only We Would Rehearse In Advance The Ugly And Overwhelming Consequences Of Immorality, We Would Be Far More Prone To Avoid It. May We Live Each Day In The Love And Fear Of God.

❤ Grieving My Lord; Displeasing The One Whose Opinion Most Matters.
❤Dragging Into The Mud Christ’s Sacred Reputation.
❤Loss Of Reward And Commendation From God.
❤Having To One Day Look Jesus In The Face At The Judgment Seat And Give An Account Of Why I Did It.
❤Following In The Footsteps Of Men I Know Of Whose Immorality Forfeited Their Ministry And Caing.
❤Suffering Of Innocent People Around Me Who Would Get Hit By My Mistakes.
❤Untold Hurt To My Parents, Loved Ones And People That Look Up To Me.
❤Loss Of Credibility And Respect.
❤Shame to my Family And Shame To My Church Family.
❤Shame and hurt To My Fellow Christians, to my Friends, And Especially Those I’ve Led To Christ And Discipled.

❤Guilt Awfully Hard To Shake-Even Though God Would Forgive Me, Would I Forgive Myself?

❤Plaguing Memories And Flashbacks That Could Taint Future Intimacy With My Future Spouse.

❤Being Haunted By My Sin As I Look In The Eyes Of Others, And Having It All Dredged Up Again Wherever I Go And Whatever I Do.

❤Undermining The Hard Work And Prayers Of Others By Saying To Our Community “this Is A Hypocrite!

❤Laughter, Rejoicing And Blasphemous Smugness By Those Who Disrespect God And The Church (2 Samuel 12:14).

❤Bringing Great Pleasure To Satan, The Enemy Of God.

❤Possible Diseases: Gonorrhea, Syphilis, Chlamydia, Herpes, And Aids .

❤Loss Of Self-Respect, Discrediting My Own Name, And Invoking Shame And Lifelong Embarrassment Upon Myself.

*These Are Some Consequences Of Sexual Sin, Do We Now See That It Doesn't Worth It*

The Battle Begins In The Mind. You Need To Know What God Says About Sex And Trust What God Says About Sex. You Need To Be Careful What You Fill Your Minds With. Imagination Is Often The Hotbed Where Sin Is Often Hatched.

🔥Pray Daily. Depend On God, On The Power Of His Holy Spirit To Strengthen You In This Battle.

🔥Don't Put Yourself In Situations Where You Will Be Easily Tempted.

🔥Remember God Is Watching. You Are Never Completely Out Of Sight. Someone Can Always See You.

🔥Wield The Axe. Jesus Says In Matthew 5 That If Your Eye Or Hand Causes You To Sin, Gouge Them Out And Throw Them Away, Because Eternal Life Is At Stake. So If The Internet, Magazines, Tv, Or Peer Group Are Causing You To Sin; Wield The Axe. Especially Watch Out For Social Media. Unfollow People Who Are Posting Explicit Photos.

🔥Talk About Sex. (Accountability). You Can't Fight This Alone. You Need God's Help And You Need God's People's Help Too. Find Someone You Trust & Share Your Struggle.

🔥Be Careful What You Wear. Modesty Is Good For You And Good For Others Too.

🔥Remember The Cross. Jesus Died For Our Sins, Including Our Sexual Sins.

🔥Remember Jesus Is Coming Back. We All Will Have To Give An Account For Our Lives, Even Our Sex Life.

🔥Struggling Is A Good Sign. Keep Fighting And Don't Give In.

🔥Forgiveness Is Available. If You Sin Sexually You Can Still Be Forgiven, Such Is The Power Of The Cross Of Christ. So Repent, Turn Back To God And Live For Him.

While In A Relationship, As Christians, Its Important To Be With Someone Who Loves And Respect God.

Have Boundaries And Both Of You Must Respect Them.

See ehn, We're Human And As Such, When In Love, A Lot Of Things Will Come To Your Mind.
Being Tempted Is Not The Sin, Yielding To Temptation Is The Sin.

I Like Being Practical, Let Me Share My Own Personal Story.

When My Relationship Started, Because I Know How Very Emotional I Can Be. I Told My Fiancé That Should In Case I Get  Mad Or One Spirit Enters Me Or I Just Become Unstable And I Want To Lure Him To Have Sex With Me, I Said To Him That He Should Give Me A Nice Punch To Reset My Brain Or Send Me Out Or Pour Water On My Head Or He Should Run Away Sef And He Said Something Similar Too...

See, You Both Have To Be Accountable For And To Each Other. You Must Be On The Same Page And Help Each Other Remain Sexually Pure Until Marriage.

The Temptation Will Come, The Gish Gish Feeling Will Come But With The Right Mind And Help From God, You'll Overcome.
[5/23, 9:16 PM] Sinmi ECU: Don't Be Idle Lest The Devil Employs You.

When The Thought Comes, Distract Yourself With The Things Of God Or Something Godly And Sensible.

When It's Worse.. Burst Into Tongues.

Don't Now Go And Visit Boo Or Bae When You Have Sexual Urges oooo..
The Result Will Be Triplets.

I've Said My Own.😀

Now, Before Prayers. I Want To Say Something That Is In The Heart Of Many.

Sexual Addiction From Sexual Abuse.
A Lot Of People Have Been Sexually Abused And Thus They Become So Addicted To Sex And Can'T Break Free. Yes It Wasn'T Your Fault But You Can'T Hold On To That Excuse Forever.
There Is Forgiveness And Help At The Cross. Forgive The Offender, Forgive Yourself And Turn To God For Forgiveness. Seek Right Counsel And Break Free From That Cage.

Sex Is One 'Spirit' That Can Make A Great Leader Fall And Fail.
Sex Is Not Just Physical Pleasure. Sex Is Actually More Spiritual Than Just 5 Minutes Of Ups And Downs And This Is Why I'm A Great Advocate Of Sexual Purity And I Always Tell People That Premarital Sex Is Not Just A Sin Against God But A Trap To Your Life And Destiny.
The Time Is Too Short To Dig Deep Into The Spiritual Aspect Of Sex But I Tell You That Even If You Protect Yourself From Sexual Transmitted Diseases, There Are Spiritual Transmitted Diseases That Are Transferred Through Sex Which Is Why You Must Be Careful Of Who You Marry And Who You Have Sex With.

There Is The Exchange On Mantles And Rights During Sex, If You're Unmarried And You Engage In Pre-marital Sex, The Ones You Lay With Can Speak Words To Your Life Negatively And Having Had Sex With Them, They Have Some Sort Of Right Over Your Life. Just Imagine If You Have 10 Girls Or Guys That Can Control Your Life Just Because Of 5 Minutes Of Pleasure. Typing Won't Really Explain This Well. I Really Hope We Understand),

Avoid All Possible Temptation.

Say, “no!” To Every Lustful Thought.

Turn Your Eyes Towards Christ. Hold onto a promise From God. Enjoy Jesus more than Sinful Pleasure.

Move Away From Idleness And Find Something To Do.


Healing For Your Sexuality Is Available; This Is A Very Hopeful Truth! But You Must Realize That Your Sexuality Is Deep And Core To Your Nature As A Human Being. Therefore, Sexual Brokenness Can Be One Of The Deepest Types Of Brokenness A Person Might Experience. You Must Take Your Healing And Restoration Seriously. This Guided Prayer Will Help Immensely. You May Find The Need To Pray Through It A Few Times In Order To Experience A Lasting Freedom.

A Bit Of Explanation On The Reasons For The Prayer: First, When We Misuse Our Sexuality Through Sin, We Give Satan An Open Door To Oppress Us In Our Sexuality. A Man Who Uses Pornography Will Find Himself In A Very Deep Struggle With Lust; A Woman Who Was Sexually Promiscuous Before Marriage May Find Herself Wresting With Sexual Temptation Years Afterward. So It Is Important To Bring Our Sexuality Under The Lordship (And Therefore Protection) Of The Lord Jesus Christ And Seek His Cleansing Of Our Sexual Sins.

2. PRAYER FOR SEXUAL BROKENNESS—Whether Through Abuse Of Our Sexuality By Our Own Actions Or By The Actions Of Others—Can Create Sexual Difficulties And Also Opens The Door For The Enemy To Oppress Us. Quite Often Forgiveness Is Needed—Both The Confidence That We Are Forgiven By The Lord And The Choice We Make To Forgive Others. This Will Prove Immensely Freeing.

Let Us Begin By Bringing Our Lives And Sexuality Under The Lordship Of Jesus Christ:

Lord Jesus Christ, I Confess Here And Now That You Are My Creator (John 1:3) And Therefore The Creator Of My Sexuality. I Confess That You Are Also My Savior, That You Have Ransomed Me With Your Blood (1 Corinthians 15:3, Matthew 20:28). I Have Been Bought With The Blood Of Jesus Christ; My Life And My Body Belong To God (1 Corinthians 6:19–20). Jesus, I Present Myself To You Now To Be Made Whole And Holy In Every Way, Including In My Sexuality. You Ask Us To Present Our Bodies To You As Living Sacrifices (Romans 12:1) And The Parts Of Our Bodies As Instruments Of Righteousness (Romans 6:13). I Do This Now. I Present My Body, My Sexuality [“as A Man” Or “as A Woman”] And I Present My Sexual Nature To You. I Consecrate My Sexuality To Jesus Christ...

Next, You Need To Renounce The Ways You Have Misused Your Sexuality. The More Specific You Can Be, The More Helpful This Will Be. God Created Your Sexuality For Pleasure And Joy Within The Context Of The Marriage Covenant. Sexual Activity Outside Of Marriage Can Be Very Damaging To A Person And To Their Relationships (1 Corinthians 6:18–20).

What You Want To Do In This Part Of The Prayer Is Confess And Renounce All Sexual Sin—For Example, Sexual Intimacy Before Marriage: Not Only Intercourse, But Other Forms Of Sexual Intimacy Such As Mutual Masturbation Or Oral Sex. Many People Assume These “don’t Really Count As Sin” Because They Didn’t Result In Actual Intercourse; However, There Was Sexual Stimulation And Intimacy. Keep In Mind There Is The “spirit Of The Law” And The “letter Of The Law.” What Matters Are Issues Of Heart And Mind As Well As Body. Other Examples Of Sins To Renounce Would Be The Use Of Pornography, And Sexual Fantasies. You May Know Exactly What You Need To Confess And Renounce; You May Need To Ask God’s Help To Remember. Take Your Time Here. As Memories And Events Come To Mind, Confess And Renounce Them. For Example: “lord Jesus I Ask Your Forgiveness For My Sins Of Masturbation And Using Pornography. I Renounce Those Sins In Your Name.” After You Have Confessed Your Sins, Go On With The Rest Of The Prayer...

Jesus, I Ask Your Holy Spirit To Help Me Now Remember, Confess, And Renounce My Sexual Sins. [Pause. Listen. Remember. Confess And Renounce.] Lord Jesus, I Ask Your Forgiveness For Every Act Of Sexual Sin. You Promised That If We Confess Our Sins, You Are Faithful And Just To Forgive Us Our Sins And Cleanse Us From All Unrighteousness (1 John 1:9). I Ask You To Cleanse Me Of My Sexual Sins Now; Cleanse My Body, Soul, And Spirit, Cleanse My Heart And Mind And Will, Cleanse My Sexuality. Thank You For Forgiving Me And Cleansing Me. I Receive Your Forgiveness And Cleansing. I Renounce Every Claim I Have Given Satan To My Life Or Sexuality Through My Sexual Sins. Those Claims Are Now Broken By The Cross And Blood Of Jesus Christ (Colossians 2:13–15).

Next Comes Forgiveness. It Is Vital That You Forgive Both Yourself And Those Who Have Harmed You Sexually. Listen Carefully: Forgiveness Is A Choice; We Often Have To Make The Decision To Forgive Long Before We Feel Forgiving. We Realize This Can Be Difficult, But The Freedom You Will Find Will Be Worth It!

Forgiveness Is Not Saying, “it Didn’t Hurt Me.” Forgiveness Is Not Saying, “it Didn’t Matter.” Forgiveness Is The Act Whereby We Pardon The Person, We Release Them From All Bitterness And Judgment. We Give Them To God To Take Control...

Lord Jesus, I Thank You For Offering Me Total And Complete Forgiveness. I Receive That Forgiveness Now. I Choose To Forgive Myself For All Of My Sexual Wrongdoing. I Also Choose To Forgive Those Who Have Harmed Me sexually. [Be Specific Here; Name Those People And Forgive Them.] I Release Them To You. I Release All My Anger And Judgment Toward Them. Come, Lord Jesus, Into The Pain They Caused Me, And Heal Me With Your Love.

This Next Step Involves Breaking The Unhealthy Emotional And Spiritual Bonds Formed With Other People Through Sexual Sin. One Of The Reasons The Bible Takes Sexual Sin So Seriously Is Because Of The Damage It Does. Another Reason Is Because Of The Bonds It Forms With People, Bonds Meant To Be Formed Only Between Husband And Wife (See 1 Corinthians 6:15–20). One Of The Marvelous Effects Of The Cross Of Our Lord Jesus Christ Is That It Breaks These Unhealthy Bonds. “may I Never Boast Except In The Cross Of Our Lord Jesus Christ, Through Which The World Has Been Crucified To Me And I To The World” (Galatians 6:14).

I Now Bring The Cross Of My Lord Jesus Christ Between Me And Every Person With Whom I Have Been Sexually Intimate. [Name Them Specifically Whenever Possible. Also Name Those Who Have Abused You Sexually.] I Break All Sexual, Emotional, And Spiritual Bonds With [Name If Possible). I Keep The Cross Of Christ Between Us.

Many People Experience Negative Consequences Through The Misuse Of Their Sexuality. Those Consequences Might Be Lingering Guilt (Even After Confession) Or Repeated Sexual Temptation. Consequences Might Also Be The Inability To Enjoy Sex With Their Spouse. It Will Help To Bring The Work Of Christ Here As Well. Many People End Up Making Unhealthy “agreements” About Sex Or Themselves, About Men Or Women Or Intimacy, Because Of The Damage They Have Experienced Through Sexual Sin (Their Sin, Or The Sin Of Someone Against Them). You Will Want To Ask Christ What Those Agreements Are And Break Them!

Lord Jesus, I Ask You To Reveal To Me Every “agreement” I Have Made About My Sexuality Or This Specific Struggle. [An Example Would Be “i Will Always Struggle With This” Or “i Can Never Get Free”  Or “my Sexuality Is Dirty.” Pause And Let Jesus Reveal Those Agreements To You. Then Break Them.] I Break This Agreement [Name It] In The Name Of My Lord Jesus Christ, And I Renounce Every Claim I Have Given It In My Life. I Renounce “the Hatred Of My Body”]. I Bring The Cross And Blood Of Jesus Christ Against This [Guilt Or Shame, Every Negative Consequence]. I Banish My Enemy From My Sexuality In The Mighty Name Of The Lord Jesus Christ. I Invite The Healing Presence Of Jesus Christ To Cleanse Me And Restore Me As A Sexual Being In Fullness Of Joy And Wholeness. I Ask You, Jesus, To Fill My Sexuality With Your Holiness, To Strengthen Me And Restore Me In Your Name.


Finally, It Will Prove Helpful To Consecrate Your Sexuality To Jesus Christ Once More.

Lord Jesus, I Now Consecrate My Sexuality To You In Every Way. I Consecrate My Sexual Intimacy With My Future Spouse To You. I Ask You To Cleanse And Heal My Sexuality And Our Sexual Intimacy In Every Way.  I Ask Your Healing Grace To Come And Free Me From All Consequences Of Sexual Sin. I Ask You To Fill My Sexuality With Your Healing Love And Goodness. Restore My Sexuality In Wholeness. Let My Spouse And Me Experience All Of The Intimacy And Pleasure You Intended A Man And Woman To Enjoy In Marriage. I Invite The Spirit Of God To Fill Our Marriage Bed When It Comes. I Pray All Of This In The Name Of Jesus Christ, My Lord. Amen!!

Now Remember, Sometimes The Wounds And Consequences Take Time To Heal. You Might Want To Revisit This Prayer Several Times Over If Lasting Healing Has Not Yet Taken Place And Trust God For Grace.

Some Of You Will Also Benefit From Seeing A Good Christian Counselor For Cases Of Abuse And Such.

Hold Fast To These Truths:
You, Your Body, And Your Sexuality Belong To Jesus Christ. He Has Completely Forgiven You. He Created Your Sexuality To Be Whole And Holy. He Created Your Sexuality To Be A Source Of Intimacy And Joy. Jesus Christ Came To Seek And Save “What Was Lost” (Luke 19:10), Including All That Was Lost In The Blessings He Intended Through Our Sexuality!
Your Body Is The Temple Of The Holy Spirit.

I pray that God grants you understanding And Grace To Continually Stand Strong before temptations In Jesus' Name.

Kindly ask questions in the comments

Adesola Sinmileoluwa Heritage is a graduate of the Obafemi Awolowo University, CEO of Ladies Delight, a Relationship Counselor and lover of God. While she's not being too serious, she's cooking, hanging out with like minds and learning new things. She is a sister, mother, mentor, role model and daughter to many.

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