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Love Is Important

Human beings place importance on different things and the level of importance we place on those things. The level of importance you will attach to something would vary from the level of importance your friend would attach to that same thing.
At a point I asked myself "isn't there something that should be of importance to all humans?" that was when I realised there is actually something that brings us all together when it comes to importance and that is Love. Yes love, I know you might want to argue that even love is not important but I would still say that Love is the single most important thing in the world.

It is the love that you have for a particular thing that would make you want to live your life doing it. It is the love that you have for a particular person that will make you want to live for the person or make sure that the person is comfortable at every point in time. It all boils down to a deep sense of love.

Here in the community we talk about love, how to build a Godly relationship, how to love one another in a way that would help us to have peace and happiness in our lives, homes, families and a lot more.
It is good that we build very strong relationships that will help us throughout the year and years to come. But it would not speak well of us if our relationship with our partners and other people is based on the things that are not of importance. That is why you should let your relationship be based on Love.
Love for the person and love for who the person is.


To truly love a person is to always think about the person when you are making decisions that concern them. We should learn to build relationships on the right bases, do not build your relationship on the ground of what you can get alone, determine the important things. Do not be willing to take without giving. If you are starting a relationship because of the value of knowledge you get from the person be willing also to give some level of value to that person. In this way you will be able to enjoy the bliss of that relationship.

3 تعليقات

  1. I like this. In other words, don't get into a relationship for what you'll get from it, go with something too. Don't be selfish.
  2. Yes, I am glad you get it.
    Thank you
  3. Hmm...Thanks Bonita.

    A popular saying even made us understand that it is in giving that we receive, you can only reap genuinely and in abundance the love you've sown in the lives of others.
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