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Our 2024 Love Letter

                                 To you, my darling. 
Hey Sweetie,
If you ask me, I want this year to be full of adventures and challenges because by your side I feel super capable of anything, you are the muse that motivates my great works you give me so much strength to fight for my dreams you are everything to me.
It is I Lolonyo and I say Happy New Year Love.
How are you in this year 2021? How have the past five days been for you? I hope it has been good and I hope to hear from you. Feel free to share with me on my email For me it has been a lot of planning and replanning as I didn't get the chance to start planning for the year-earlier and that is why I haven't gotten in touch with you over some time.
I have got a lot of queries as to why lolonyo hasn't started anything this year and I would like to say I am sorry for keeping you waiting.
Before I move too far let me say that I cannot quantify how grateful I am to you for making 2020 a great year. It would not have been that good if you, my darling reader didn't come through for me both to read and drop your comment. Here we are again in this new year I just need you to know that your opinions of very valid in this community. I look forward to hearing all that you have to share with me. I would be glad to know those relationship topics that you would want us to talk about on the community blog and all our social media pages.

If this is your first time in the community, welcome, I am glad to have you here and I hope you always find a family here in the community.
This year I would love to pour out my heart to you all of the time, to let you know what exactly fuels this passion that I have for talking and building Godly relationships. It would be of great help to me if you take a few minutes, just about a couple of minutes to subscribe to the community blog page by hitting the subscribe button and follow the community both on Twitter and Instagram @lolonyonb. 
Your feedback means the world to me please keep it coming this year- let's do you! let to us! Let's show the world that love is truly beautiful and here is where we nurture the bliss of love- Lolonyo (Nurturing Bliss)

Lastly, my first relationship advice to you this year is to make sure that in all your relationships both romantic and unromantic, you always find a way to calm down and communicate effectively. Let's us all cut some slack, times will come when that person you love or trust so well will wrong you, times when you will feel betrayed and hurt (it won't be all fun throughout the remaining 330 days of this year) but please do not let your ego set in to make worse what a simple conversation would have solved, seek peace and understanding always. Above all seek love, just calm down and discuss it with all sincerity. 

Albeit, you would love to solve all those problems and pretend that those occasions that angered you never came into play- you should also not close your eyes to the red flags. Hold yourself in high esteem (you deserve to be happy always) and be true to yourself and all those around you. Do to others what you want them to do to you. Enjoy your year and I hope to hear from you soon.

23 تعليقًا

  1. Happy new year
    1. Happy New Year to you too love.
  2. Much love from here
    1. Thank you so much
  3. Well done
    1. Thank you so much Portable
  4. Well done
  5. Thank youuuuu
    1. Thank you too
      And you are welcome...
  6. Happy new year Bonita, awesome piece... Thanks for the insight
    1. Thank you too and you are welcome
  7. This comment has been removed by the author.
  8. Happy New Year! Cheers and many thanks for this letter😀
    1. Thank you so much, Happy New Year and I am glad you liked the letter.
  9. Thank you and happy new year. Lolonyo really helped me in 2020 and I know I'm in for a better experience in 2021
    1. Thank you so much for finding a safe zone in us Ada, we hope to see more of you this year.
  10. Very thoughtful, keep the work going and fantastic in nature.

    We love you too, here to move with lolonyo.
    1. Thank you so much Emmanuel, and we hope to move together with you too as much as everyone in the family.
  11. Thank you and Happy New Year
    1. You are welcome... And thank you too
  12. Happy new year bonnie nd thanks for this tips its really educative
  13. Happy new year bonnie nd thanks for this tips its really educative
  14. Wow. Thanks for the beautiful write ups of 2020 too Bonita.
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