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5 Major Turn-offs to Avoid in Your Relationship

People meet and fall in love, they get to know each other a little more, start a relationship and continue to get to learn about each other. At first when they meet they don’t know all about each other but as they proceed in their relationships, they get to see the good and bad side of their partner. The different things that they notice about each other will determine if they will continue the journey together as a couple or go their separate ways. If they will not continue their relationship both individuals or at least one of them will have noticed the turn-offs or what some people call red flags in the relationship.
Hello darling, how are you today? Day 5 and we are still moving on. I appreciate that you are always here to learn more about how to have a great relationship. 
Although it differs for different people, there can be a whole lot of turn-offs in your relationship. In today’s post, we will be looking at 5 major turn-offs to avoid in your relationship. We have classified the turn-offs to be discussed majorly because they are the most common ones found in relationships and they can easily ruin a relationship.
The inability to communicate effectively can be a major turn-off in your relationship. There are situations where one partner is not letting the other speak, it might also be a case where there is too much talking and no listening. In another case, it might be that one of them is not showing interest in what the other has to say. Whichever one of them you notice in your relationship, try to solve by first calling the attention of your partner to it then try to look at how you both can make things right.

2. Value Clashes

Two individuals come together to start a relationship but they are still in some ways different individuals that have different perspectives and views of life. The saying “one man’s food is another man’s poison” is also relevant in relationships. Because you and your partner have experienced life differently before starting a relationship there might be habits and behaviors that are tied to his or her values that you didn’t notice at first and if not taken care of by discussing it with each other can lead to the end of the relationship.

3. Getting Disconnected from God

This is a major turn-off in any relationship.  Considering that this community emphasizes nurturing Godly relationships and marriage, it would be wrong if we didn’t talk about it. To enjoy your relationship as a true child of God, you and your partner have to be on the same page when it comes to the things of God. This is so that you will not have unnecessary clashes, will be able to draw strength from the right source and support each other and support each other in times of need. In a situation where you notice a lukewarm attitude in your partner’s spiritual life, instead of nagging or not talking about it at all, try to pray for and with them and lead them by your own words and actions.

4. Lack of Integrity

For a relationship to work, both partners have to be fully accountable to themselves and each other. Lack of integrity leads to distrust between partners because a guy who knows that his partner’s yes has never truly been yes will find it hard to believe her even when she truly means Yes. For any relationship to flourish the couple must trust each other and know that they can hold each other to their word. Failure to deal with dishonesty and lack of integrity in your relationship will lead to the turn-off of your relationship.

5. The Feeling of Entitlement

A sense of entitlement is a personality characteristic based on the belief that someone deserves special treatment or recognition for something that they didn’t earn, this is just one of many definitions out there. In other words, the person believes that the world or someone owes them without ever or rarely giving anything in return. This kind of mindset can manifest in a person’s attitude in different aspects of a relationship; finances, acts of service, time and attention, you name it. No matter what form it takes, entitlement is a toxic trait that will cause strain in the relationship. A person with an entitled partner, after so much giving and so little receiving with almost nagging and arguments will eventually grow weary of them and could fall out of love with their partner if the entitlement mindset isn’t properly dealt with.


With all these points that we have discussed above, I hope that you will be on the lookout for these turnoffs and turn them off before they turn your relationship off. (lol). Till tomorrow my darling, have it in mind that love is beautiful and we can nurture it together. I love you.

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