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5 Ways to Maintain a Praying Lifestyle in Your Relationship

5 Ways to Maintain a Praying Lifestyle in Your Relationship
Two Become One
The absence of prayer does great harm to any individual, group, or thing.

Here are 5 simple ways to maintain a praying lifestyle in your relationship.

1. Prioritise Prayer

Yes, I know that you are very busy. You need to dress for work, earn more to cater for your family, cook, dress up your children for school and other chores. I am aware. Nevertheless, if you prioritize prayer, you will make time for it. The problem is clearly not lack of time, it is lack of priority. Prioritize prayer more and you will create time for it.

2. Use a To-Do List

To-do list is not just for a particular set of people, everybody needs it - including you. To-do lists will help you to direct your time and know what to do per time.

To prepare one, you only need to write all you need to do and attach the exact time that you desire to do each of the chores. Write one and include prayer in it.

3. Use Prayer Prompts/Set Alarms

"What if I wrote prayer in my to-do list and forget to pray at that particular time or get carried away by other house chores?"

Is that your question? I will answer it now.

Every phone has alarms. Use it to maintain prayerfulness by setting alarms for that particular time you have written as your prayer hour.


Sometimes ago, I thought I could only pray on my knees with my eyes closed. My mentor then taught me that I can also pray even if I'm busy with other things.

That is, I can pray with my eyes open and my hands busy with other things like cooking, baking and other chores.

What if you need to cook or attend to your baby during your prayer hour, do both simultaneously!

5. Pray Together

Family devotion is also a great time to pray. Ensure to pray together as a family first thing in the morning and last thing before you sleep daily. Even though it is corporate (and not personal time with GOD), it will also help you to maintain prayerfulness.

The devil is trying to wage war against godly relationships and one way he is successfully doing this is by attacking the prayer lives of individuals in beautiful relationships.

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