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Two Become One

Relationship Labels (Things We Should Normalize in a Relationship)

Most of the time I’ve heard people say things like “You are taking this relationship too serious”, “Calm down and enjoy your life what if it doesn’t …

5 Relationship Lessons from the Life of Boaz and Ruth

Today, we would be looking at and sharing our lessons from the story of Boaz and Ruth and we would be studying/ discussing Ruth 2: 1-13 and Ruth 4:…

How to Handle Breakup Scares

It is very true that not everything will end up in tears. Sometimes you will excellently come out of that situation unhurt and in cases where you a…

How to Lead a more Spiritual Partner

It is very possible for a female partner to be more spiritually mature than her male partner. Especially if the man became a true follower of Christ …

How to be Intentional with Your Partner’s Birthday

August 23rd every year marks my baby, Adeola’s birthday. My birthday comes on the 9th of June which is almost two months before. I have noticed ove…

If Everyday were Valentine

Valentine is upon us, tagging along with it the hype and burning flame of its heat one could hardly resist. As you know, it's one talked abou…

5 Reasons Why You want a Friends with Benefits Relationship

The friend with benefits tag is  commonly used to refer to people in a look-alike relationship. While this is completely different from the friend-zo…

3 Lies that Satan tells Singles and How to Combat them

The devil has a reputation as the father of lies   1. You need to Date When the devil comes to you, he brings up seemingly interesting discussions su…
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