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Relationship Labels (Things We Should Normalize in a Relationship)

Most of the time I’ve heard people say things like “You are taking this relationship too serious”, “Calm down and enjoy your life what if it doesn’t work out.” Far from all these things what is noteworthy is that as humans we often label different things: from activities to human even to our relationships. When we label these things (humans, activities even our relationship), these labels tend to keep us from expressing ourselves to our full capacity.

When you label a relationship Godly or serious, that is when you begin to see that only in such a relationship should you come together as a couple to pray and share the word of God, that is when you begin to think that reading with your partner, having book and video reviews are activities meant for those in a serious relationship.
Every couple in a relationship should take out time to pray as a couple and read not just the word of God but also books that would enhance their lives in all aspects, doing things like that would help both individuals to grow into strong people, and a strong couple, it will help them to also understand each other more and communicate more effectively hence, they fulfill purpose together as an individual and as a couple. 

My darling, know that it is not weird to pray for and with your partner, it is not weird to study the word of God together; neither is it for people in Godly relationships alone, if we can inculcate habits like these into our relationships, 
we would save ourselves a good number of heartache because even if things does not work out both of you only gained from the relationship.
I can’t wait to write you again next week. I love you, and remember Lolonyo (Love is Beautiful). 

تعليق واحد

  1. Thank you for penning down this great read. It's therapeutic.

    If anything, normalizing praying for and with one's partner is the key takeaway for me.

    Godspeed as we NORMALIZE!
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