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How to Stand in God's Will for Your Relationship

Standing in God's Will For Relationships by Nelson Vincent Ayomitunde
At one point in time or the other, you must have heard or read something about God's will. However, there is always a new side in the understanding of God's will and the importance of standing therein. To begin, our anchor verse in Isaiah 55.8 reads:

For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the LORD.

You recall that a popular saying - Man proposes, God disposes? This may not directly mean the same as this verse, but then it is quite similar.


Man was created in the image of God. Everything by default was God replicated. However, since the fall, there was a change in systems. Man's thoughts, will and mind changed from the original. One way to know this is that by the default in creation, man was not expected to chase after things (money, relationships, career, success.. etc.) Everything was supposed to chase after man as long as he is focused on God. This is later confirmed when we were instructed to seek first the kingdom of God and its righteousness...

Since man fell, his mind and will began to chase after the things that were originally meant to follow him. This is where the issue of staying in God's will comes in.

Most times, when we try to chase after the things that should run after us, we trust our instincts and leave out God. In some cases whenever we choose to carry Him along, we leave His will and opinion as a Plan B. Standing in God's will basically means that you are rightly placed in God and positioned where He wants you to be. It means you have only Plan A and nothing else. It is only then that everything else can chase after you and fall in the right order.

This message is coming at a time when many individuals are not properly positioned for God's blessings as regards relationships. You cannot confuse God. A relationship outside God's will is a wrong relationship. If you chase that lady/man (outside God's will) from now till next year and she finally consents, you are still on your own. God's will should not be replaced by anything.

At this point, I know that you may want to ask or say something about the  permissive will of God. Truth is, the permissive will of God still needs His consent. In this case, you still have to ask His permission to go ahead. Falling totally out of God's will is the case where you strictly stick to your own opinion and trust your instincts to go on.

Let's head somewhere specific now. How Can one Stand and Remain in God's will? Finding, standing and remaining in God's will requires that you get three basic things right.


Get Understanding

Knowledge and understanding  Understanding opens up a level of grace that brings direction. Imagine that you visit a friend and you stand at the gate. The gate has a kind of security lock that you do not understand. If you stand before the gate  without knowing how to open it, you'd just keep wasting your time. Understanding gives access and allows the grace for directions to flow in. If you are seeking God's face to know His will over any matter, ensure that you understand what you are asking for. Knowledge and understanding comes through many ways. It is only necessary that you understand the part of God's will that you are coming to.


Get Direction

Many things come as a result of directions, but you can only get direction based on what you understand. In God's direction, you will find speed.

Take for example, you buy a car and do not know how to drive. If you get into the car and start the engine without knowing how to drive, you'd be ready to meet your saviour😂. But then if you ask directions, learn and "follow who know road", you will find yourself doing just the right thing and save your self from great evil.


Always Follow Directions

It is one thing to have knowledge and understanding. It is another thing to get instructions and direction. It is yet another thing to be able to follow these instructions to the letter. If you get into a city and you do not know the routes, you either ask direction and follow them or stick to your instincts and get lost. For many relationships alike, people choose to trust their instincts and head into the bush instead of following God's leading. The relationship gists you see online and social media advice is not enough reason to trust your instinct and jump into a relationship. Ask God for directions and follow them.

For another illustration, If you are writing an examination, you are tested on what you know and understand. However, that alone is not enough. The examiner will definitely give you instructions which you are meant to follow. If you are supposed to answer 4 questions and then you answer all, it may cost you marks and vice versa.

You must learn that Instructions are God's instruments to keep us in line with His will.

I think I have said so much already at this time and I trust God's spirit to treat these words in your heart just as it concerns you. Let me give a recap here quickly.

How to stand and remain in God's will

  • Get understanding from God (Read books about God's will and how it works. Listen to sermons, seek counsel)
  • Get directions from Him (through every means God communicates to you)
  • Follow the directions (He did not give them to you so that they live in your journals forever)

I'd also like to mention a few things which are instructional too.

1. When you trust your instincts and go into a relationship outside God's will, you are simply settling for less. God's will is premium quality that you cannot afford to lose.

2. When you are outside God's will for your life and your relationship, you have everything to lose.

And lastly before we open up for questions, I'd like to assure you that God will never lead you anywhere outside His will. If He is leading you at all, it is only into His perfect will for you.

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