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10 Things You Can Do on Valentine’s Day to Make Her Fall in Love with You Again.

I won’t dispute the fact that it can be a lot of work to please your lady on valentine’s day. As much as this is true it can also be the same for men. Also, I totally agree that valentine’s day can be a tasking day. In this session of love, one of the problems men face is knowing what to do for their partner to make her happy and enjoy the day. This is even a tougher task for those that would not like to ask their partner what she would want for valentine’s day, they would rather like to surprise her and make her. Today’s article is just for you because not only will you get to know what to do for her on valentine’s day, you will also make her fall in love with you over again.

1. Give Her A Call

It is valentine’s day! what lady will not love to wake up to her man’s voice wishing her a happy valentine’s day? This is one of the things we can call a valentine’s day appetizer, when you are done with this you can send some more goodness her way. Trust me, this is not only about you calling her, it is more about you creating time for her even in whatever busy schedule you have. Watch her stylishly and proudly narrate it to her friends with joy on her face. 

2. Surprise Her

here, I need you to take some time to reflect on the things you have heard your girl talk about over and over again, what is that thing she cannot say enough of, what is that thing you even feel she nags about? That is the specimen to making this year’s valentine’s day a day to remember. This might mean you have to go out of your way, but since you will love to make her fall in love with you again, I think it is worth it, Do it for her! She might have been asking you to spend more time with her, or take her out, whatever it may be, valentine’s day is the best day to surprise her with that thing.

3. Send Her a Message

sending her a message to wake up to is another way to help start such a beautiful day. This will mean more to a lady that rarely gets an SMS from her partner. You can even decide to send the message during the day when you feel like she expects to see such a message least. Try this and see how valentine’s day will be lit with so much joy and love. We can call this another type of appetizer.

4. Pray for Her

if you feel that your lady is a lover of the Lord, you can choose to speak greatness into her being. She might even be surprised by this but she is going to love it. You can choose to do this over a call. You can decide to spice things up and make it a declarative prayer. With this, you get to speak greatness into her life and your relationship. You should try this one out. She is going to fall in love with you not only you spoke greatness into her life but because she probably never saw it coming.

5. Sing for Her

This sounds really funny, especially if as a man you don’t have the Bruno Mars or DJ Khaled kind of voice. You don’t think you have the Dunsin Oyekan type of voice. Here is what you should do, let her know that you would love to make her smile (at this moment she is going to be super curious as to what you are up to) then tell her to sit comfortably in a chair (we don’t want her to break her back while she is laughing), then play the song you want to sing her softly in the background then sing along (this is to help as a guide for your singing). I don’t know if you can feel it already but there is so much joy, laughter, and love in the air already. But if you are that man with the voice of a nightingale, carry on brother sing your way into her heart on valentine’s day and make her fall deeply in love with you just like you just started your relationship.

6. Take Her out on a date

for you, you can decide to call this your main course. Whoosh! I am sure with this you have already given her the best valentine’s day already. Bro, don’t panic. You don’t have to take her to the 5-star restaurant when you cannot afford to go that route. Again, here is what you can do. Tell her to prepare for a little date, take her to that restaurant you can afford. When you are seated, let her know that you are aware that she deserves to be taken out to someplace better than where you took her because she deserves really great things. After all, she is your queen but at the moment, you can’t afford the really big places but when the time comes, she is always on the top of your list. You don’t have to say it this way but you get the point. This way, you are not only making her feel loved, but you are also giving her more assurance that you see her. She will also feel her importance because of your vulnerability to her. One last thing bro, this is not the time to feel like you got everything together, be a little vulnerable with her.

7. Long Distance Relationship? Have a Video Call: who said valentine’s day cannot be super interesting for couples in Long Distance Relationship? If you can send a gift her way, great! You can then top it all up by asking her what time she will be free, then have a nice video call. It doesn’t need to be a very long one but if you both have enough time (which I advise that you create) you should appreciate her and her impact on your life since you started dating. You can even decide to initiate a review of how your relationship has been together since you started.

8. Help Her with a Task: yes, because it is valentine’s day does not have her regular daily activities. Valentine’s day is one day to help her with a task that she needs help with as long as you are together. If you are in a long-distance relationship and the task is something that does not require your physical presence, you should also create time to do it for her.

9. Buy Her a Gift: yep, this is probably the first thing you were expecting me to say, here we are. buy her that gift. Just like taking her out, you don’t have to break a bank but get her something that you know she will love and be able to hold unto for a while.

10. Tell Her How Much You Love Her: trust me, this is one thing that most men don’t do often. Choose valentine’s day to tell her how much she means to you and how much you love her and don’t make valentine’s day be the only day you will tell her how much you love her. Make this a daily practice - remember the goal is to make her fall in love with you again and again.


Taking a close look at all the tips shared above, you would notice that all of them aim at satisfying the major need of a woman- to feel loved. Yes, every lady loves to feel loved no matter the difference in their love language. We want her to feel loved because that is the only way she can love back. I hope you get to make her fall in love with you again this valentine’s day. Remember to make every day your valentine’s day.

Love is Beautiful.

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