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How to Know if he's seriously into you

Two Become One

Your previous relationship has a way of projecting your fears into the future. This is why many ladies today begin to doubt any guy that comes their way. Many times, they do this because they the want to be sure of the guy's intentions, plus they "don’t know who is who". Some are just sacred of commitment or heart break and not just because their heart had been broken before. The follow signs of knowing if he truly loves you whether he says it out loud or not. Well, you all ought to be warned that these signs are not totally it but it could really be of help to all ladies

How to Know if he's seriously into you

1. He Listens

If a guy listens attentively and almost always remembers what you say, it certainly means that he is into you. This also makes him not to forget your special days. Never. Also, since he listens, you already realized that he knows everything about you not excluding the littlest details. This should tell you that he is interested in your life.


2. He puts you in the picture

He uses the term “we” or “ours” in place of “I” or “mine” while communicating (and the catchiest thing is that he doesn’t even realize it).

3. He Respects You

He respects you in all manners you could think of.
5.      He takes care of your needs and treats you like his baby.
6.      He cannot stay mad at you for long no matter the reasons even if you tease him or fool around him.
7.      He becomes your special advisers at certain points in times.
8.      He readily swallows his pride and apologizes after a fight.
9.      He stands a bit too close or wraps his hands around you when you are talking to some other guys.

10.  He loves to hear your opinion when making important decisions about his own life which at times you think is none of your business.
11.  He joins to laugh you when you are having a good laugh with others.
12.  He loves spending time with you when you actually thought he is trying to be helpful which is however true also.

He is Protective

He is quite protective of you. This doesn’t mean he fights every other interested guys but means he always love to know you are safe no matter where you are. In this case, you sometimes see that he instinctively holds your hands while you're in public to show that he cares.

14.  He makes a lot of effort to be liked by your friends and family.
15.  16.  He talks a lot as he really wants to keep you updated and informed about the happenings in his life such as discussing his plans, his work-mates habits, how annoying his friends can be, what he didn’t really like that you did, and many more. He loves you which is the reason why he opens up to you easily while you think you’ve got a guy as your best friend.

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