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Baby mi jowo, je ka Jo maa gbadun

Baby mi jowo je ka Jo maa gbadun by Ebenezer Obey - Two Become One
Every Saturday, I wake up to remember the lines in Chief Commander Ebenezer Obey's grand song. It tells a love story with the male, prompting his lady to come to him while they enjoy till forever.

Nelson and Adeola - Two Become One

Every Saturday, many love stories are shared with many witnesses. Some of these stories end up being very blissful marriages while others end in divorce, separation and anything worse. The sad thing about all of these is that there are plenty weddings but few marriages. Many factors are responsible for this in our society especially with celebrity marriages which seem to be the main attack-target. For non-celebrity marriages too, there is a whole lot covered because there is minimum social media and paparazzi tracks. In extreme cases, all these factors pump out a breakup or divorce cases.

One of these factors is the presence of a pursuer and a distancer in many relationships today. This happens in cases where both parties feel uninterested in the relationship and one party (the pursuer) is trying to make it work while the other (the distancer) is tearing walls down. The pursuer-distancer relationship comes when the first party (pursuer) keeps chasing for new and fresh love while the other party (distancer) keeps running off because they are disinterested in the relationship. If this is also the case, there is definitely no happiness
Below are a few tips to make your relationship or marriage work when it seems crashing.

1. Pray for your spouse

We are not usually conscious of the streams of opportunity that we hold when we pray, a reason why individuals do not seem to take prayers, especially for their spouses as a serious assignment. If you would pray for your spouse long before you two meet, you will enjoy great bliss and will not bother raising some issues again in prayer. There is so much to pray to God about your partner and there is more than enough time to do those prayers. It is wrong timing to pray about your partner's characters fifteen years into the marriage when you saw those traits before courtship and refused to pray and work on them. Praying for your partner is not overemphasized. You will not reap  the appropriate benefits if you undervalue prayers for your partner. You can check our online guide here to help you pray for your partner. You can also read our article about what happens when you two pray

2. Recreate Memories and Rebuild Attractions

You got into your relationship because you two were attracted to each other. You probably met at some random outing - at a seminar, a beach, or a house party. In the same way, visit fun places, love locations and engage in activities to help you sustain attraction for each other. In our book Hold Up, we made a long list of thirty five amazing date ideas for partners. These date ideas are flexible enough to fit in for short and long distance relationships. You must also know that fun is scheduled and even if your personal schedules do not permit, find out time to recreate these memories with your partner.

3. Love and Respect each other

Women are made to love, want to love, and expect love. On the other hand, men are made to be respected, want respect, and expect respect. Love is vital, especially for the wife, and at the same time, respect is vital, especially for the man. The point of balance is where both partners decide to understand the need to love and respect each other without any negative will to claim love or respect. The woman should learn that certain actions will make her man love her deeply, while the man must also learn that he has to earn and command respect in a thoughtful and loving manner. One book widely recommended as regards Love and Respect for each other in a relationship and marriage is "Love and Respect" by Dr. Emerson Eggerichs

These are just few of many other points. When you do this consistently in your relationship, you will find so much happiness and discover one cool evening that your playlist contains this song. You'd be glad to listen😃. 

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