Book Review: My Minimalist Wedding by Blessing Abeng & Uwem

Full Book Review: My Minimalist Wedding by Blessing Abeng & Uwem

My Minimalist wedding is simply described as a guide to pulling off a 100 guest wedding with a 2 million Naira plus budget in Nigeria. 

First, here’s a shoutout to Cowrywise for gifting us this book in February 2022. 

One thing the book is that it calmed “my fears” if it’s proper to call them fears.

Two, the book is an adjustable template. The numbers, prices and everything else can actually

Also, the realities of the book are relatable. Man has the ability to adapt and  to bring the best results

No matter how wealthy you are, your pockets have limits. This is why budgets are made. 

Another beautiful thing I loved about this book is its practicality. Every action had practical points

As I wrap up this review, if you’re wondering why I’m writing a review on Blessing and Uwem’s “My Minimalist Wedding”, I can’t help your thoughts😂🫠. I’m sorry I can’t say if you’re right or wrong but whatever the case is, you’d be fine😂😃.

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